The man adopted children, raped and returned them back to the orphanage

Hello dears! I hope you remember me) Today when I went to Steemit, I was very surprised - the last time I was here 4 months ago! What did I do during that time? It's simple, the birth of a second child and the adaptation of my eldest daughter in kindergarten. These events affected my free time. Now this difficult period is over and I am here again.

During my absence, I have kept in my notes stories and news, that I would like to share with you. But today there was new information, that shocked me. The investigative Committee opened a criminal case against a 50-year-old resident of Moscow. (Link: The man is charged with sexual violence against young children under the age of 14. He seduced boys taken from the orphanage, and then returned them back to the social institution, according to the website of the Metropolitan Department of management. According to investigators, in June 2016, the man first took custody of a boy, against whom he subsequently committed sexual violence. After that, the guardian returned the child to a social institution. Two years later – in October 2018 - the man took custody again, taking from the social institution of another young child, against whom he also committed this crime.


The incident became known as a result of the investigation of another episode. The woman addressed to investigating authorities. She reported, that in 2008 the man was a tutor at her son, whom he seduced during occupations.

The man taken into custody, investigators organized by test in the capital the bodies of trusteeship and guardianship.The man taken into custody, investigators organized by test in the capital the bodies of trusteeship and guardianship.


There are many questions to CPS: why no one checked the conditions, in which the adopted children lived? Why CPS allowed to get custody of the child to the person, who already once took the child from orphanage and returned back. Was there a check and identified the reasons for the return of children to the orphanage? The man will receive a prison sentence, the CPS staff will receive a reprimand, but who will correct the crippled fate of children? It is very sad that children suffer for the unknown actions of the CPS.

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