The juvenile justice system in action: CPS illegally took children from families in two cities in Sverdlovsk region

Hello everyone! I live in the Sverdlovsk region and recently in a nearby town there was a case of illegal seizure of children by CPS. ( In the Sverdlovsk region in the city of Tavda guardianship authorities selected from the family two children, who were under guardianship. This was told to the public by the father of the family. The man explained, that both selected children of 13 and 16 years are under guardianship, but are native. The man told, that the elder of them — the brother of the spouse, and younger-his brother. The couple also have two children in common.


According to the man, it all began after he began to seek a social scholarship for his wife, which she is entitled by law as an orphan. In the course of contacts with representatives of social protection between him and officials there were conflicts, after which representatives of CPS began to come to his family regularly. The man claims, that first of all they were accepted to examine the refrigerator, and once he had to run literally at employees of CPS in shop behind products.
His wife gets a scholarship as an orphan. She refused patronage, and therefore on wages when making foster refused. The question is that no one seems to mind, that the children returned, but for some reason they are still in the shelter... At the same time, children ask to go home. The parents did all, what from them demanded CPS. The parents finished the repair in the apartment and moved out of the rental housing, in which they moved at the time of repair. But at the moment CPS came to the court with the limitation of rights. The man is afraid, that CPS will not give children. He wrote and spoke about the problem to everyone everywhere, but everyone is silent, "Wait, go check". But checks go more than a month, and there is no result...


Here's another similar case. In the city of Karpinsk CPS took five children from two to 14 years of a large family Savchenko. No documents and orders were presented to the parents. Officials said, that they received the signal, that allegedly beat children in the family. All the children were in the hospital for 10 days and only the mother was allowed to see them. In respect of the father is checked, and he was forbidden to meet with children. Also, CPS staff constantly demanded, that the mother write a "voluntary" application for placement of children in the social rehabilitation center, but she refused, because she believes, that her children do not need rehabilitation. Despite this, four children were still transferred to the social rehabilitation center, and the mother was put in hospital with a two-year-old son. Now, according to the woman, the officials of guardianship, in fact, demand to refuse also the two-year-old child, having written the application for its placement in the social rehabilitation center with nursery group in the city of Serov. Parents, representatives of mass media and the public men representing interests of a family repeatedly addressed in various instances with the requirement to explain, on the basis of what laws of children selected from a family. However, instead of answers, officials sent formal replies. As a result, the parents appealed to the Prosecutor's office in the Sverdlovsk region, with a statement about the inspection in respect of interdepartmental interaction, as suspected that officials have selected children with abuse of office. However, as parents explained, for all this time to them the staff of Prosecutor's office of Sverdlovsk region didn't come.

Both situations are nightmarish. Parents do not know on what basis the CPS took the children. CPS does not respond to inquiries, questions, do not go to contact. Both cases are currently under review. Both families hired lawyers. As soon as there's news, I'll let you know.

Thanks for reading!
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