The children are part of the business CPS

Hello everyone! In a previous post, I wrote about Senator Elena Mizulina, who said, that every happy family is in danger because of the policy of juvenile justice. Recently it became clear, that Elena Mizulina suggested to fix the priority right of relatives to guardianship of the child in the family code. In her opinion, such a law should deprive officials from the guardianship authorities of the opportunity to make an important decision: who to give children, and to whom — not at its discretion.


The trigger for the emergence of this initiative was the story, that took place in the city of Morozovsk, Rostov region. 3 year old Timur was kidnapped while walking with his grandmother. A day later, the police managed to find a child in the Volgograd region. The kidnappers turned out to be Natalia and Nikolai Paul — guardians of four children. It turned out, that the family half a year hid the death of one of the kids. They needed Timur in order to present it to the guardianship authorities instead of the deceased child. Everything was conceived in order to continue to receive social benefits. A post was written about this story. At the same time, as it turned out, that the deceased baby at the time of deprivation of his mother's parental rights and withdrawal from the family has a native grandmother, who was going to take on the responsibility of raising a grandson, but CPS preferred to make a choice in favor of an outside family.

Senator Elena Mizulina has prepared an official request to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Yuri Chaika with a request to verify the legality of the guardianship authorities in the Volgograd region. In particular, the legislator is interested in, why the child was in a foster family, when there was an option to transfer his blood relatives? The topic of the priority of blood custody is one of the key problems in the family code of the Russian Federation. According to Mizulina, the family code should establish the priority of kinship care. "The situation, in which children, who have lost their parents, are passed on to strangers, not relatives, looks at least absurd," she notes. The question of a substitute family can be raised only, if the child has no relatives or they categorically refuse to take him up, said Mizulina.

Often the main incentive for potential guardians is not love for children, and the money, that the state pays for them. The purity and sincerity of thoughts wishing to take on the education of another child from the orphanage is very simple to check. It is necessary to leave the law for them only the possibility of adoption, for which the state does not allocate funds on a regular basis. There are a lot of appeals related to the violation of the rights of children, who have been taken into custody. This is the cruel treatment of children and their use as a free labor force, especially in rural areas, but the main thing is the misuse of money allocated for children under guardianship. For example, in Moscow, the monthly allowance for a healthy child under 12 years of age is 16.5 thousand rubles a month, and for having a disability — 27.5 thousand rubles. In the regions, this amount depends on the capacity of local budgets. In addition, guardians are entitled to employment and tax benefits. These include the incomplete working day or week, the tax deduction personal income tax and other. Not surprisingly, for some, this noble mission has become a business. Many make custody is not one or even a few children, and once ten or twenty.


Today we see a misalignment in the Family code: families, who find themselves in a difficult financial situation, run the risk of having their children taken away from them by the CPS. For example, if the parents lost their job and there is no other job in the city, CPS can send the child to a boarding school or foster family. We know many of these cases. At the same time, the state has money for the maintenance of a child in an orphanage: depending on the region, this amount is up to two million rubles per person per year. The state pays guardians instead of supporting low-income parents to keep the child in the family. Of course, this is too much - to prohibit no-relatives to issue custody of the child, but it should be tightened responsibility for the guardianship, to stories like Volgograd, not repeated and children do not become part of a well-established business.

For reference: monthly cash payments for the maintenance of children under guardianship or trusteeship are regulated by regional laws and may differ significantly. For example:

Moscow - from 16 500 rubles (for children under the age of 12 years (for each child) to 27 500 rubles (for each disabled child).
Astrakhan region-7857 rubles 64 kopecks (for children under 10 years of age) and 9429 rubles 16 kopecks (for children under 10 years of age).
St. Petersburg-11 248 rubles.
Chechen Republic-11 700 rubles.
Kaluga region - from 8439 rubles (for the education of a foster child aged 3 to 18 years) to 18 565 rubles (for the education of a foster disabled child aged 0 to 3 years).

Even senators recognize that children become part of the business in the scheme: family - CPS - foster family/orphanage. The proposed amendment to the family code is currently under consideration. If the amendment is made-perhaps the situation will change.

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