No complaints, applications-CPS can turn a blind eye to many things. Double standard

I recently wrote an article about teenage children with non-traditional sexual orientation (link: ahhh!) I repeat, that I have never thought about this problem before. Soon I wrote @canadian-coconut to find out, what the situation is with such children in other countries.


The main issue was, that the Russian social group was blocked by the CPS for propaganda. At the same time, there are many letters from teenagers in the social group, who are beaten and subjected to domestic violence because of their non-traditional sexual orientation. In the course of correspondence with @canadian-coconut there were 2 questions, whether CPS ignore domestic violence in such families and whether this is a reason for the removal of the child from the family. To understand, whether our guesses are correct, I wrote in a social network to the head of this group Lena Klimova. Here is the PrintScreen of our correspondence. I translated it for you.

Снимок экрана 2018-10-15 в 15.09.54.png

Снимок экрана 2018-10-15 в 15.10.13.png

I: "Lena, good afternoon! My name is Nadezhda. I recently read an article about you, your work and the Children-404 community. The matter is, that the subject of illegal withdrawal of children from families by bodies of guardianship and guardianship is close to me. After reading the article, I was struck by the cruelty, domestic violence faced by these children. In this regard, I have a question. The guardianship authorities, social services, CPS somehow work with such families? Who can protect this children? After all, even if the child does not apply anywhere, so many letters come to you. Is this not a signal to CPS, that must protect the interests of children?"

Lena - "Hello, Nadezhda. During all this time (more than five years), we rarely knew, that children applied to the guardianship authorities because of violence due to sexual orientation in the family. Rare times of addresses came to an end not really well. Once the boy ran away from home, came to some shelter (I do not remember the details, it was a long time), said, that he was beaten because he was gay, in the end he was given to his parents and nobody believed him. Though, probably, it depends on concrete people and concrete organizations. I went to the district Commission on juvenile Affairs of the city once, it was necessary to learn something, and there I was told, that if I learn about cases of violence against children, then surely these children need to be sent to them and they will help. Also know, that one day in the SPb appealed to the authorized on the rights of the child (there was also violence in the family) and she helped. I think, it is not even so important that it is "such children", it is not very easy for any children to get support, especially now, that such a wild attitude to CPS (all sorts of horror stories about "take away from the family"), by the way, I remember a couple of times, that teenagers said, that "I would like to complain, but I'm afraid, that I will be taken away, my sister/brother will be taken away". In General, such ideas as a Scarecrow, not as a place, where you can get help. I do not know, what can be done in this situation. Complex issue."

I: "You're right, it's all children. And, unfortunately, all these "scarecrows" are often true. Children really do not believe, that CPS can help, but rather afraid to go there. But it turns out, that social services are also inactive, turning a blind eye to domestic violence. They can always find a reason to come to the family, if interested."

It turns out, that the teenagers themselves do not turn to the CPS for help, because they are afraid, that the CPS will take them from the family and give them to the orphanage. At the same time, to check the family CPS need a reason - a call from the school teacher, complaints from neighbors or statements of the child. If there are no such complaints (and as a rule the teenager is afraid to tell about his nonconventional sexual orientation therefore hides domestic violence, because otherwise it is necessary to tell the truth), then CPS closes all eyes. I repeat, that every day teenagers send dozens of letters to the social group, but for CPS it means nothing. Is unconventional sexual orientation a reason to remove a child from the family? By law, there is no such wording, but we all know that there are many other "false" reasons - lack of food in the refrigerator, dirty floors... These are the double standards. Often CPS withdraws a child from the family for ridiculous reasons, can find a reason to visit a happy family with a check at any time. But they simply block for propaganda a social group, to which children send letters about ill-treatment. instead of figuring it out and trying to find out, what kind of family it is. And here begins a vicious circle. Children can refuse to complain, because they are afraid of CPS, afraid of those who should help them. I think this is the main problem. The fear of children speaks for itself.

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