CPS took the child from a woman, who raised him for 6 years

Hi, everybody. Today I want to share with you another story, that clearly shows the true attitude of CPS to children. In Ekaterinburg CPS took the child from a woman, who raised him for 6 years. In the morning in the apartment of a resident of Yekaterinburg Irina Petrova suddenly descended CPS staff. They demanded to give things and documents of eight-year-old Konstantin, explained it, that they take him from a family. In parallel, CPS took the child from school — immediately after the second lesson.


Irina Petrova raised the boy since his parents divorced. Kostya was 2 years old. The child's father is Irina's brother. The court left the child together with the father, and mother, in writing, refused to the boy's education. Irina's brother asked the woman to take his son to her education, having issued a power of attorney to represent the interests of the child. According to this paper, says Irina Petrova, she managed to arrange a child in kindergarten. All these years Petrova brought up the boy as her own son. The woman claims, that tried to issue guardianship over Kostya, but CPS refused to it, explained it, that biological parents of the boy aren't deprived of the parental rights yet. To address in court with the claim about deprivation of the rights Petrova did not want to.

She says: "I asked: how is he, where are you taking him, can I talk to him? CPS told me only the following: "You will never see him again!" Native mother, according to the woman, was interested in a little in Konstantin. The first time, the biological mother paid child support, then disappeared. "Boy does not know his mother — I am his mother! When it came time to go to school, I contacted her, asked for help with registration. (Let me explain - in Russia, the school, that the child will attend, depends on the place of registration or residence). She was gone, I even had to search to submit" - said Petrova.

Irina understood, that sooner or later, the boy will want to know the real parents, to get acquainted with them. And parents may want to return to education. Irina didn't prevent it — on the contrary, invited them. Kept in touch with his mother, offered to come, meet and even take the child for a walk, but the biological mother did not agree, did not take the initiative. Irina would be happy, if biological parents kept in touch with the boy.


Where is Konstantin, the woman is still not known. In the CPS of this question is not answered, the father of the whereabouts of his son also does not know. According to Petrova, a clear answer to this question can not give and the child's mother. "Yesterday she told me, that nothing knows where he is, why he was taken; was assured, that she was not going to pick it up. I found my brother (the boy's father), he joined the process, talked to his ex-wife. So she told him, that Kostya is with her and she would bring him up, but the boy does not want to talk to anyone. According to her, he is shocked, closed. "

Now Irina Petrova writes applications to the court, to CPS on the basis of his father's power of attorney at least told her, where the boy is at the moment. According to Valentina Kolomeychuk, Deputy of the organization of control over CPS activities, all that happened is an ordinary situation on the transfer of a child to a parent, which took place in compliance with all established procedures. "The child has two parents - a father and a mother. The mother is not deprived, not limited in parental rights, despite the fact, that the father did not raise the child for a long time and gave it to his sister, that is, the aunt of the child. Today mother declared the rights to this child, she has the full right. The transfer of the child to the mother was made in the presence of CPS. The child has already reached the place of permanent residence with his mother," she assured.

Because of our laws, the child was injured with the help of CPS! Mom wants to take — takes, does not want - leaves. After all, the child at least need psychological support. CPS just took the child , gave his mother, whom he never remembers! No one asked his opinion, as if he is a thing, but the child goes already in school and can tell himself, with whom he wants to live. CPS just stole the baby.

Thanks for reading!
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There has to be a silver lining somewhere... I haven’t seen any but I’m holding out hope.

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