CPS infiltrated the family under the pretext of social support, all ended up with the threat of removal of children

Hello everyone! Every time I read a story about CPS, I think: it can't get any scarier and every time I'm wrong. This story was told to me by women, when I was sitting in the queue for the registration of the maternity capital (in Russia when a second child is born in the family, the mother has the right for the maternity capital, now it is about 450 000 rubles. This money can be spent on the future pension of the mother, education of children or improvement of living conditions). The horrors of juvenile justice - parents need to know, what happens. It's a really wild and weird situation, but it's happening.


In November 2015 Marina was born the fourth baby. Even in the hospital she was asked, if she wants to get some help as a mother with many children from social protection. She agreed and gave her contacts. Then in December Marina was called by the nicest ladies with a question, whether it is possible to come to her apartment, to take documents for registration. Marina agreed. CPS staff came, were very, very nice, sang like sweet sirens and beckoned with benefits and free mugs for children. Marina signed as a result with them the contract "on social maintenance". For understanding: at that time the eldest daughter was 4 years old, twins 2.5 years old and the baby was only 2 months old.

After the new year holidays without a call came two other ladies. Marina was sick and said them about it, but the CPS staff went into the apartment anyway. And the questions started "what do you feed children? what do you dress your children in?" and other interrogation. Marina stood there and didn't understand, what was going on. On her timid question, the women replied, that they received a signal from the Department of juvenile Affairs. All of this was strange and unpleasantly. The family lived with Marina's mother in a two-room apartment of 49 square meters. Marina's mother lives in one room, Marina, her husband and children in the second. Tightness felt mostly Marina with her husband - the children are still small and they all liked it. And the family has applied for a queue for housing. Marina has an official job, her husband is a private entrepreneur, he teaches English. Parents do not drink, do not smoke, drugs naturally do not use. The cabinets are full of good quality clothes, books, toys. There's food, fruit, juice in the fridge. Absolutely normal family with one BUT. CPS employees clung to the lack of repair in the apartment. And to the fact, that the family sleeps on mattresses on the floor. In the room there is a sofa, but Marina is more convenient to sleep with the kids on the floor. It turned out to be a terrible crime against the person. In kindergarten children do not go, it is also a minus for CPS.


After about 4 days,in the family again came CPS staff plus a nurse. CPS began to threaten the deprivation of parental rights, they did not like the scattered things and the mess. During the conversation, Marina told me just the essence of her story. The rest I think any parent can to think himself. It's humiliating and terrible situation, when strangers humiliate you unfairly for some things and threaten to take the children. Marina began to read the information in Internete and was horrified. She learned the truth, which you and I already know: in 90 percent of cases, the removal of children comes from safe, but not rich families. For the mess, for lack of repair, scattered toys…

Three days later, the police came to Marina's family. Two girls from the Department of juvenile Affairs said, that they received information, if marina will not let them into the apartment, tomorrow the whole family is obliged to come to the police station. The police showed her a letter from CPS about the cold window, sleep on mattresses... The husband showed that the windows are wooden, but insulated, the beds no place to put - it will be very crowded. They entered the room. The children actively played and there was a picturesque mess. Employees spoke politely, normally, but told, that will put Marina's family on the account as a DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY for half a year.


In the end, the coroner called the CPS. The staff member began to explain to Marina, that she can not provide the children properly, that the mattresses on the floor were the height of horror, that her family was registered fas family for street children. After that, Marina decided to cover her story in the Internet. People advised Marina to hire a lawyer. The lawyer listened to the situation and said unequivocally: it's coming about WITHDRAW CHILDREN. The lawyer said, that there is a real law, according to which the withdrawn children can be transferred to education in rich families. That is why parents are afraid to apply once again for benefits. At the moment, with the help of a lawyer CPS left the family Marina for some time alone but on the condition, that the apartment will be renovated and all the children will sleep on the beds. I told Marina, that there are thousands of such stories, that they occur not only in Russia but also in other countries. I even read a similar story about beds.Many people don't really guess until their friends or they face the CPS themselves. Marina's story is a real proof of that.

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