Photography Little child

Hi friends stimeet !!!!

Meet me again @Motobeko87 tonight I will share a little story about this simple life simple child whose photos you can see below



This little boy is one of the small children who live modestly, but this little boy still have parents, his parents make a living for his child, but this child every day live with his mama because her father is no longer busy making a living, but this boy really need help please friend stimeet present in my post to, help this child



Here are some pictures of this child you can see for yourself, me every day with this child, and to play with her let me not to loneliness, this is my work for this child, best friend stimeet likes with my work this one thanks friends have read my post

Shooting device.

I took this photo by using the Xiaomi redmi 5A phone camera by using an additional tool that is macro lens.



by @motobeko87

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