The CPS attacking a small child from birth

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Remember my previous publication, which stated that a girl named Yexi Meza was under the eye of the CPS hurricane, since she was pregnant and due to conflicts with her former partner and father of her son, they made constant visits to confirm if she had enough income and stability to take care of your child.

Right here you can find the story more accurately, you will also find your personal Facebook

Right here you can find the story more accurately, you will also find your personal Facebook

On Saturday, Yexi in the morning hours experienced certain contractions, although the birth of the child was ready for three weeks after the date, yesterday contractions began and had to attend medical attention, just upon reaching the nearest hospital they told her that she could not be there, because she did not have the money to pay for the surgery that deserves the baby's birth, she had to be taken to a public hospital. Right here passed a time necessary to be attended and subsequently admitted.

They began their intense pains but, it merited certain drugs to increase the contractions and in the hospital there was no such medicine, due to their absent purchasing power they had a considerably long labor, on Sunday at 9:00 a.m. their little son was finally born. Thanks to his beliefs in God and the help of some acquaintances the child was born perfectly, has the appropriate weight, the chord coloring and the normal measurements for his age and gender.


However, since that day that the baby was born, Yexi has not been able to have her baby near her, only yesterday a nurse took him to the room in her crib and she was able to nurse and observe him, since she was born only can not drink milk from a bottle because they do not allow their mother to breastfeed, has tried desperately to find an answer as to why she can not have it and the nurses refuse to give a precise answer, but she fears that to the CPS.

Since her little one was in her womb the shadow of the CPS torments them, now, because the delivery was ahead there were many personal items that Yexi did not even have since they were destined to receive donations in the last weeks, she did not have disposable diapers, mamila, milk, due to the inability to get the drug to increase contractions and induce labor, we know that this can also be used against them.


Yexi is not a bad person, nor has she carried out illegal conducts, she is only a mother of scarce resources who has no one to defend her from this monster who wishes to attempt against the integrity of her son. In the country where she lives, children are legally presented just when they are born, she has put her son Mateo Meza, that is, the father was not at the time of the presentation and neither does he drink the father's last name.

We know that there are a series of circumstances that add up scores for the horror to take place, however she has every right to present her son with the name she chose, as well as be able to see him whenever he wants and breastfeed him. He is currently in recovery, so he is physically unable to attend the relevant institutions and seek an explanation for this situation.

Some battles are led by warriors who are tired of being beaten.

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