Street children, forgotten children,Nobody's children

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I do not have any virus apparently, my body suffered considerable joint pain and I feel guilty, I do not like last week it was celebrated in my country on the day of the child, some of you have seen in their publications that they shared a little about the topic of emigrants and those who entered countries illegally, many times defending this position but always, from my personal experience, as an individual what it means to be in your country, every day and you earn $ 3 per month, when It does not even allow you to eat.

In my country constantly small children, children and babies abandoned in hospitals, hospitals, even bus terminals because their parents can not keep them, none of that justifies abandoning their children, it is true, but when you do not even have to eat what do you? When the government of a country only invests in arms and there are not even optimal public services. I will tell you a bit about how to live in my country.

Going to a bakery to buy a simple juice costs all your salary for a month and of course at the entrance of the commercial establishment you run into at least 6 children asking for some food, they no longer ask for money because this will not allow them to acquire anything edible , so many times when I do not have to share with them I just do not enter the establishment, the crisis has become so much worse, to the point where they expect the restaurants to close at night to be able to eat the rubbish, when it comes to areas residential.

If, on the other hand, we talk about commercial areas, we will find the little children rummaging through the garbage all day, this really generates a lot of sadness, especially when I do not really have many resources to help them, and as they have read in advance, how little I acquire by this means I dedicate it to help one of my friends who fight daily against the CPS. However a web user gave me 2 SBD, another person lent me an inflatable jumper and together with my family we were able to give some food to the little ones who live in the street near my house, also some clothes of some small cousins.

In view of the day of the child is celebrated and many of these children struggle daily to find something to eat, as I discussed in advance, I dedicate myself with the help of several people to give even a few hours of joy to these little ones and enjoyed it , they really are not to blame for what has happened with this country and how the rulers are dedicated to filling their money accounts while the children of these children go bankrupt.

I want to thank all those who helped me to give smiles to these guys and above all I hope that it will be repeated.

Maybe many emigrants in your country have generated robberies, but, many of them strive daily to make your country a better place and the economy to move forward, having up to three jobs, paying taxes to live and send money to your family in the country of origin. Each of us only see our individual reality, but not the collective one. Two of these children live in the street, four of them have a fragmented family because their parents had to leave the country to be able to send them money so they can eat, the rest of these children only eat once a day.

Many of these children should be in shelters subsidized by the state where they are guaranteed a correct diet and medical attention, however it is not so, we can not get lost in lamentations, if it is in our hands help. Many of us post again and again regarding CPS cases, which they separate families but, what really happens with us? We have come to support these families, not only economically, but also emotionally.


These are some pictures of the little ones on their great day, the others were running so I can not get them all together





I know that in this way the world is not changed, but at least they give each other smiles

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Hi mgaby, I am so sorry to hear about the situation in your country. Which country are you living in? Family protection will only support your posts if it is a direct post about the CPS or the laws around it etc etc.


I am in venezuela, friend, thanks for reading