The Rockefeller roots of public/private partnerships (i.e. fascism) in the area of "social services" and CPS.

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One area of history that is constantly warped and hard to wrap our minds around (due to purposeful obfuscation and revisionism) is the degree to which the super wealthy oligarchs, especially the wealthiest of all--"The oil powers"...(as they are sometimes know) or "The Rockefellers" as they are more precisely known--have guided and shaped public policy in the Western Hemisphere. For a brief primer on the degree to which the Rockefellers controlled the nation's public policy decisions, we would need a several-volume book.

For the purposes of this brief essay, let me start by reminding people what they may already intuitively know...OIL RUNS THE WORLD. This has been true since about the time of the advent of the internal combustion engine, the need for lubricants for those engines, and heating oil for homes. Slightly after that, in quick secession, came pharmaceuticals based on petroleum, plastics based on it as well, paints and consumer products of all kinds, and all types of other uses which oftentimes pushed out safer alternatives for the applications for which they were to be applied.

The last time the Rockefellers published their net worth was in 1908, when they were widely considered to be the richest family in the world with over $300 million. RICHEST IN THE WORLD, was John D. Rockefeller, Sr., based merely on the sale of KEROSENE for lanterns! Prior to the advent of kerosene lanterns, the fuel for which was far cheaper and easier to get a hold of, America was largely lit after sunset by whale oil. Now, again, RICHEST IN THE WORLD BEFORE THE ADVENT OF widespread use of the internal combustion engine, and all those other subsequent ubiquitous uses for the Rockefeller's main product.

He became so powerful in the early part of the twentieth century, that it is often said NOTHING could stand in the way of a Rockefeller pipeline, or refinery, or well, or shipping platform. Why?...Because he literally OWNED a block of Congressmen and judges large enough to always get his way. Now, there was a burgeoning movement in the 1890-1912 period to reign in the Rockefeller interests, as well as that of the other major trusts. This culminated in the breakup of the Rockefeller flagship "Standard Oil Company of New Jersey" in 1911. Sadly for America though (and under-reported to this day) the seven units that emerged from the breakup (often referred to as "The Seven Sisters") were still controlled by the Rockefellers through holding companies and interlocking boards of directorate. It is estimated that, today, the Rockefeller heirs, taken as a whole, probably directly or indirectly control wealth in excess of 30 TRILLION DOLLARS, and close to half of the industrial, banking and commercial interest of America.

What does this all have to do with "social services," and specifically with our corrupt "Child Protective" "Services" milieu? Well, I am glad you asked.

While the anti-trust breakup of Standard Oil had almost no impact on the family fortunes, the experience shook the elder Rockefeller, and he realized he needed to do something about his public image, before the situation got out of control and the people decided to do even worse--perhaps throw him in jail, or revoke all of his various corporate charters. He had hired a former Baptist minister, Frederick T. Gates, as a sort of publicity man, before any such position was even known, and he turned to Gates after the Standard Oil breakup, and the even more publicly-humiliating Ludlow Massacre ( which striking coal miners at one the Rockefeller concerns in Colorado were gunned down and their tents burned, killing several) to whitewash his image.

The pair settled on "philanthropy," as the best possible (and cheapest) solution. They then settled on setting up, VIA THEIR MINIONS IN CONGRESS, a device known as a "foundation" which would become a legal corporate construct (contortion, really) for the purposes of dispensing "charity" for "the good of the nation." In practice, these tax-exempt foundations quickly morphed into a tax-free methods for the Rockefellers to set up (and run, behind the scenes) all sorts of "public work," which was really private, and which always--despite the trumpeted veneer of public utility--led to more business opportunities for the family.

(William Avery "Doc" Rockefeller. The original quack pharmaceutical pusher.)

The most notorious field was in the modernization of "medicine." Now, many may not know it, but the original "snake oil salesman" (and the first public and broad use of petroleum) resided with John D.'s father, William Avery Rockefeller. His quack, bottled remedy, sold from a wagon all over the northeast and Midwest as a cure "for whatever ails ya" was so widespread the term "snake oil salesman" was born as a result. John D. took quickly and naturally to the idea of giving back a penny of every hundred dollars (he stole from the American public through rapacious monopoly pricing on his "products") in the form of "philanthropy," and in quick succession, set up a whole host of new colleges and departments of colleges for the pursuit of "public health" improvement. Johns Hopkins, Rockefeller University, The University of Chicago, University of Albany, Dartmouth, Brown, Columbia, ....are just a few examples.

A bewildering array of foundations and sub-foundations ensued as well, the most famous being the Rockefeller Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (which came later.) The family also eventually seized effective control of other famous ones (like the Carnegie, Ford, and others) that did not carry their name.

"At the outset it is crucial to stress that unlike government entities, which are subject to public scrutiny, private philanthropies are accountable only to their own self-selected boards, and decision making is usually in the hands of just a few executives. In North America and certain other settings, philanthropic foundations are exempt from paying most taxes, and contributions to philanthropies benefit from tax deductions (both individual and corporate donations are tax-deductible, a practice that itself removes billions from the public coffers). Up to a third or more, depending on the tax rate, of the endowment monies of private philanthropies are thus subsidized by the public, which has no role in how priorities are set or how monies a re spent."

(Source:, pg 3.)

(Frederick T. Gates, the worlds first publicity man, and "public relations" guru...and boy was he needed!)


"Public health became the ideal vehicle through which Rockefeller philanthropy could apply expert findings to the public well-being. This was a prescient choice, for public health was a nascent field in the United States, beginning
to professionalize but with a limited government foothold, giving Rockefeller interests considerable room to test out ideas and practices. The question of which public health problem to tackle and where, amidst such need, was settled by a troika of Rockefeller advisors: Frederick T. Gates (a Baptist preacher and JDR‘s right-hand man), Charles Wardell Stiles (a medical zoologist), and Wickliffe Rose (a Southern educator)..." (Ibid, pg 5.)

By the 1950s, almost solely via the vehicle of bogus "philanthropy" and tax-free grants to their own secretly-controlled institutions and corporations, the Rockefeller family had established "Western medicine" and the pharmaceutical industry (which was largely petroleum-based, especially early on) and set the path for American (i.e. Rockefeller) dominance in the field of "international health," as well. They founded the United Nations in 1945, and built the global HQ on land donated by the Rockefellers in Manhattan, and from that sprang the World Health Organization, and other international bodies "concerned with" health, worldwide. Then came vaccines, as well, which they will eventually likely succeed in making mandatory for all HUMANS ON THE PLANET.

Meanwhile, of course, their oil empire was raping and pillaging their way (often by greasing the palms of local politicians, and/or assassinating resisting ones) throughout the world. From the Middle East, to Russia, to South America, the "American way of Life" (i.e. the Rockefeller/oil-based way of life) was gradually forced on the entire world. (The CIA's role as the Rockefeller's private army and intelligence arm has been covered here previously.)

Now, a corollary to "health," of course, is child welfare. The Rockefellers have always been involved in "sociology" (before there even was such a term) and the "social sciences." The University of Chicago was their flagship for setting public policy (eventually PUBLIC MANDATES) in the areas of land use regulation, urban planning, code enforcement, etc. The New School for Social Research (in Manhattan) became the American equivalent of the British "Tavistock Institute of Human Relations." Dr. John Coleman (former British MI-5) has written a seminal work ("The Committee of 300") describing the way Tavistock (and mirrored here by the "work" of "The New School") was used to introduce the sexual revolution and the drug culture into America in the 1960s, for example.

"The institutionalization of international and national public health presupposed various political rationales, including left-wing versions that emerged in the interwar years. The RF (Rockefeller Foundation) was thus compelled, in this era of anti-fascist, labor, socialist and other leftist activism, to draw on, listen to, and even bankroll progressive political perspectives, including those of often vocal, avowed socialists and other leftwing researchers and public health experts, such as Rajchman, who constituted an important contingent of health leaders and prestigious scientists of the day. Although support for leftist approaches was always subordinate to the dominant RF model, IHD (International Health Division of the Rockefeller Foundation) funding of prominent health leftists, most not ably famed Johns Hopkins historian of medicine and national health insurance advocate Henry Sigerist and socialist Yugoslav public health leader Andrija Stampar..." (Ibid pg. 10)

...Which all proves to this author, as I have suggested repeatedly in these pages, that "social services" as instigated by Rockefeller "philanthropy," was from the outset, a largely, anti-American, anti-Christian, leftist approach to "family intervention."

As I have also remarked elsewhere in this blog, an understanding of the degree to which "big government" and "big brotherism" from the left has come to influence public policy--and especially so-called "Child Protective" "Services" is a big part of understanding how to find our way back from the insanity of it all. You can not separate the LEFTIST anti-family orientation of the entire social services milieu from its leftist underpinnings. You can not effectively combat it without attacking the FALSE IDEOLOGY which powers the whole system.

While Rockefeller philanthropy has been even less publicly visible in the area of "Child welfare," than in "public health"-- due to the sensitive nature of its operations v.v. families and traditional values-- you can find signs of its imprimatur frequently, if you know where to look. For example, there is this recent article:

...serving as a reminder that the Rockefellers are still influencing every facet of "public welfare" this case the foster care system in Vermont via (in this case) The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences at Dartmouth University in next-door New Hampshire.

(The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences, commissioning, 1983.)

Here is another Rockefeller "foundation" (of hundreds, many of which do NOT carry the family name for obvious reasons) working it's weal in the area of "Child Protective" "Services":

While this article sounds okay at first glance, the more important point is how broadly and vastly the Rockefeller monies are being used to foster LEFTIST IDEOLOGIES in the "social services." This one is the "Rockefeller Institute of Government" at The State University (system) of New York. There are many, many Rockefeller funded think tanks and university departments ENFORCING THE CURRENT "government uber alles" approaches to family intervention and child welfare, not just in the United States, but in Canada and much of the western world.

(Rockefeller Institute for Government, State University of New York.)

The hot topic in the anti-CPS world at the moment, of course, is this new partnership between medicine--specifically "family medicine" and pediatrics-- and CPS. We are hearing all the time now about more and more families being directly impacted by "medical kidnappings," sometimes under the flimsiest of "medical" reasoning imaginable. This article is a reminder that the new modus operandi in increasing government interventionism is the public health/child seizing partnership that finds its origins in Rockefeller involvement in pediatric medicine:

Make no mistake about it, your pediatrician is now YOUR CPS FRONTLINE INTERVENTIONIST courtesy of the Rockefellers. And, it will only get worse as long as the trend toward ever bigger and more invasive government continues.

Here is more proof that the Rockefellers are behind the current CPS/social services paradigm in place in America today:

You probably didn't even know that The Rockefeller Foundation has a major division (receiving millions annually) called "The Centre for Health and Social Services." Are you seeing the partnership plan here?

You can not effectively fight something that you don't understand. Understanding the degree to which we have all been hoodwinked by bogus philanthropy that allows LEFTIST ideas to proliferate everywhere, but specifically in the areas of public health and social services, is essential in getting legislative reversals in place to limit the damage and to roll back the socialist models for dealing with society's problems. We need to re-establish AMERICAN, CONSTITUTIONAL, CHRISTIAN-CHARITY BASED approaches that respect the proper role of families, parents and morality in society.

Tax-exempt foundations WERE investigated by the Congressional Reece Commission in the 1950s for anti-American practices and activities. While a lot was learned, the Congressional Committee was unsuccessful at that time in bringing the foundations to heal, due to their massive publicity blitz in opposition to the committee's work. It became vogue to compare the desire to reform and gain control of these unaccountable TAXPAYER-SUBSIDIZED foundations with Senator McCarthy's "witch hunt" against Communists in Hollywood, the military and politics. That was the death knell, to this point, of the effort to reform or abolish the tax-exempt foundations.

Realizing that these foundations DRIVE THE ENTIRE SOCIAL SERVICES MILIEU, and getting that understanding to a critical mass of CPS opponents will prove critical in fostering effective reform. We have a lot of corporate charters to dissolve, and a lot of fat cat "think tankers" to send packing to the unemployment lines. These foundations DRIVE public policy AND MAKE LEGISLATION dealing with children and families. Ignoring their massive influence is tantamount to ignoring the CPS crisis altogether.

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Thank you!!

What an excellent, informative, and in-depth article. I haven't checked any of the information here, because I know from previously researching this subject myself, that you are over the target. Good work. and followed.

Thanks for the kind comments and the resteem.

God bless.

You have only scratched the surface of this crisis, @mepatriot and it is a good foundation to understanding the severity of this problem. Alarming as this information is, the connection to human trafficking and abuse of children is now being exposed. I am definitely going to follow you and share your information. The pharmaceutical industry is all about money and not about health and well-being, that is for sure but I didn't realize the connection to the petroleum industry till I read your article. Very well-written and sourced. Thanks so very much.

Thanks for your kind comments and for sharing the article. I appreciate it!

Wow! Well done. A really good article, joining up the dots that I had suspected for quite a while. Toptastic. Upvoted & shared on social media.

Wow. Thanks so much!

I've done a bit of editing since first putting up, btw...Just in case you C&P'd an early version. The current version is much cleaner.

Following you now, my friend.

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