Texas Father wins one for sanity: Gets to keep his own daughter, instead of his exes' boyfriend.

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If you think this title is weird, it's unbelievable weirder that a Texas "family" court thought it was fine to give custody of a man's little girl to another man who had been briefly engaged to his ex-wife before she died. Stranger things have happened in Amerika, c.2020, I'll admit, but this one is right up there on the list.


Here is a link: https://parentalrightsfoundation.org/we-won-one-texas-familys-victory/

Here is an excerpt:

"Understand, this was never about whether or not Abigail would be allowed to see her grandparents or her mother’s fiancé. We’re happy to share that her dad has indicated he has no intention of keeping either Jason or the grandparents out of his daughter’s life.

They were in her life before, and they will continue to be now.


Rather, the question at play here is if your right as a good parent to direct the upbringing, education, and care of your child – who has known you all their life – can be taken away (in part or in whole) without even a hint that you’ve ever done anything wrong.

The decision of what would happen to Abigail and who would get to spend time with her should have always been in the father’s hands. Now that decision is his to make, not the court’s."

Texas has been leading the way in slapping down these ludicrous "Family" courts, and it's good to see that trend continue.

Now, if we could just get the other 49 states, (and two hundred countries) to follow Texas's lead...

Here's a snippet from the actual decision:

══════════No. 19-0694══════════I

"Argued April 22, 2020JUSTICE BLAND delivered the opinion of the Court.JUSTICE LEHRMANN filed a concurring opinion. In Troxel v. Granville, the United States Supreme Court held unconstitutional a trial court’s order requiring a fit parent to permit visitation with her children’s grandparents.1The Court recognized that the United States Constitution “protects the fundamental right of parents to make 1530 U.S. 57 (2000). In In re Mays-Hooper, we recounted the various opinions in Troxel: A plurality of four justices found the visitation statute in Troxel unconstitutional as applied, pointing to three factors: (1) the child’s mother was not unfit, (2) her decisions about grandparent access were given no deference, and (3) she was willing to allow some visitation. Troxel, 530 U.S. at 68–71. "


Take that libtard family abusers in the Texas Court System, and let that be a warning to you CPS-affiliated cretins in the other states. Your days are numbered. Your days of acting without due process, or regard for parental rights are soon drawing to a close...and none to soon!


I understand this a bit differently. The boyfriend wanted the courts to be involved until the child was an adult, in case any conflicts arose between the BF and the father. At the time of this decision, the father was agreeable to the mother's BFs family continuing to have contact. It's surely a good decision though. Just hard to understand. A case that wanted the court to stay involved just in case.

No, the BF wanted custody, and the father had no problem with him seeing his daughter occasionally, but no way was he going to put up with losing her, so he sued.