Sign the petition to STOP "Child Protective Services" from illegally kidnapping children.

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The recent revelations coming in from the whole pizzagate thing, and the recent "me too" revelations out of Hellyweird, have shown that the most dangerous and vile of the abusers of kids are coming from groups and agencies that are supposed to be nurturing and protecting children. This trend was first established (and noticed) back in the 90s when former Nebraska State Senator, John DeCamp, wrote an excellent expose of "Boy's Town" operations in his state, where a foster home system was exposed for providing their boys for elite politicians and others to abuse sexually.

Then there is the Clinton Foundation--and dozens of articles have been published here on Steemit--and its affiliated personnel and organization, and revelations that they used the tragedy in Haiti after the earthquake to "help" kids by kidnapping them and selling them into the international sex trade. And, of course, the sickness in certain quarters of the Roman Catholic Church have been well documented for decades now, and new revelations about abuse of what should be a sacred relationship between clergy and parishioner continues to pop out every couple weeks.

Now, it is becoming clear that we have a real problem in the so-called "Child Protective Services" (or DHS---Department of Humans Services) in many states. Again, these allegations and PROOFS have been provided here on Steemit for some time. While actual sexual predation is not the source and center of the problems at CPS--at least not yet--the illegal taking of children from families, based oftentimes on the flimsiest of "evidence" and on the shadiest of "witnesses" has prompted action.

Now, a group has organized an excellent petition to have this problem looked into and reversed.

Here is a link to follow:

Here is an excerpt of the petition language:

"These agencies are offered grants and incentives for removal of children. Foster parents are not properly screened, resulting in abuse and death of thousands of children each year. Child Protective agencies must be held accountable and follow the law!"

Please DO GO to the link provided and take a second on the right side there to SIGN THE PETITION. Then, please pass the link on to all of your social media contacts.

Thanks!... and GOD BLESS all good people who work to keep children safe...including (and especially) the decent "social workers" who whistle blow abuses.

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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

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Thanks so much, and GOD BLESS all who work to protect the most innocent.


Thanks so much, and GOD
BLESS all who work to protect
The most innocent.

                 - mepatriot

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Signed and resteemed; best of luck and thanks for putting this forward.

Watch the documentary "conspiracy of silence"


Thanks! Will do.

sir mepatriot! great article and information, I keep hearing about this messed up CPS people, bunch of criminals..I signed the petition.


Thanks, Jon!


Awesome! Thanks!