Oooo....CPS rebellion in Texas. God bless Texas!!

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There is now a third judge down in The Lone Star State (where personal liberties are still at least thought about) who has gone to war against so-called "Child Protective" "Services" (CPS.) This time, there was another bench order, God bless her, calling on these bureauRATS at CPS to actually read the The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, the Texas Constitution, and their own policies about how to interact with parents when they are considering taking children. I absolutely love it!!

Here is the link:

Houston-area CPS has faced this bench wrath before, so hopefully at least one part of the "lower-48's" biggest state will soon be free of total CPS tyranny, and these people will think twice before breaking the law. The law needs to be changed for sure, to totally reign in these monsters, but a start is a start, and that is a topic for another day.

Here is an excerpt from the link above:

"The father apparently did everything CPS wanted and associate family court Judge Paula Vlahakos thought the child would be returned home. But after the judge noticed the foster parents had filed a custody intervention she began investigating the case. That prompted the judge to appoint Dennis Slate to represent the girl’s father.

'It was very clear early on CPS had taken this child without a court order and had done so in a way that wasn’t even following the law that allows them to do that,' Slate said. That prompted Slate to file a motion for sanctions against Child Protective Services. 'They were looking for any reason to avoid those sanctions,' said Slate."

I have never heard of a judge being triggered by CPS actions to the point where she actually was willing to work, "off the clock" to investigate for the truth as to what was really going on. Justice is such a beautiful thing. To my knowledge, that voluntary action by a sitting "family court" judge is a first. Which brings up an important point...

Much of the worst of CPS injustice, overstepping, and violation of current law is a result of these quasi-courts they've surrounded themselves with being little more than official rubber stamps for their provocations, and extra-Constitutional activities. IF, the worm is turning, and conservative justices are starting to fill some of these judicial vacancies (as a result of Trump, and his professed willingness to appoint conservative federal court justices?) then could we be on the verge of making some real inroads against CPS tyranny-- at least in certain jurisdictions?

(Houston-area "family court" Judge, Paula Vlahakos.)

Is working for judicial reform a route forward for family-friendly activism? Sadly, law schools these days are not exactly pumping out Constitutionalist lawyers in record numbers--from which conservative judges can be drawn. But, keeping someone who at least mouths respect for "original intent" at 2600 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, could eventually result in a sea change in the degree to which CPS agents, on the ground, dare to go beyond what they are permitted to do. Harsh penalties for LYING by government officials is probably a ways off, but that is definitely something that is desperately needed, and in which Texas could lead the way.

In areas of the country where judges are elected--NONE OF WHICH REQUIRE A LAW DEGREE, to my knowledge--pro-family groups need to be getting more and more involved in vetting candidates, holding candidate forums, asking the tough questions, putting out voter guides, etc.

Let's hope that this intrepid Texas judge is just the match that lights a prairie fire in Texas and the American heartland against CPS tyranny. The more this issue reaches the level of general public awareness, the better chance the nation has for real change to eventually be forced on CPS from the federal legislative level, if not from the federal bench, appeals courts, etc.

God bless Texas!!

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Indeed God Bless Texas. We need more states and people to be truth tellers and take on evil. Unchecked evil will infest and multiply its horror. We need to pray that other states will follow in the example Texas provides. 'Prairie fires' of justice are good.


Amen! Boy that would be something if this catches on in other states, I hope it catches on in the rest of Texas! Great article.