CPS Mantras..."A state of continuous improvement."

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Las Vegas certainly is not nicknamed "sin city" for no good reason. "What happens in Vegas" doesn't always stay in Vegas, unfortunately. One of Nevada's greatest exports as of late has been government over-reach, abuse, and very powerful and corrupt politicians like Senator Harry Reid (see, for example: https://www.dailysignal.com/2014/06/04/ethics-complaint-targets-harry-reid-abuse-power/) Sadly, known also as the "sex-trafficking capital of the West"-- due to many factors, not the least of which is the State being the only one to have legalized prostitution-- there have been dozens of unexplained disappearances of Southern Nevada children, and a string of murders/disappearances that have been linked to a failed "Child Protection" "Services" system in Vegas's Clark County.

(Photo courtesy of The Las Vegas Review-Journal.)

CBS News (Channel 8) in Clark County did an actual bit of real investigative journalism lately, and the results of their work are found in this short article:


Here is a key excerpt from the above link:

"Several children in Clark County have died even after Child Protective Services or CPS has had the chance to intervene. After numerous reports and requests from the I-Team, the acting director agreed to an interview. 'We're constantly reviewing to improve our practice and really ultimately the outcomes for children and families,' Kevin Schiller said.
As the assistant county manager for Clark County, Schiller is overseeing several programs. He is the acting director of CPS during the national search for a permanent replacement.

Reporter Vanessa Murphy: 'Do you think children are falling through the cracks?'

Kevin Schiller: 'I think we are always in a state of continuous improvement.'

'Continuous improvement,' is a term Schiller used 17 times during the sit-down interview.

According to a 2017 statewide report, 38 percent of children who CPS has had access to in Clark County are safely maintained in their homes."

EXCEPT, of course, that there never really is any improvement, Kevin..is there? Not to mention, that real improvement, given the current political/governmental/societal flaws built into the CPS system is NOT POSSIBLE. 38% of Clark County (by far, the state's most populous county) children are safe at home, Kevin? Where, pray tell, are the other 62%?? How many are in "foster care?" How many are in prison or other state-run complexes? AND...most importantly how many are just plain unaccounted for?

(Kevin Schiller. Image courtesy of LasVegasNow.com.)

When you read the rest of this investigative report you are struck by the constant mantra-like answers that the $150,000/year interim director of the county CPS system mouths. He doesn't seem bright enough to do much else but pump out these inanities. I am curious, of course, where he learned to talk like this? Isn't amazing that it seems like the most valued asset of upper CPS management, like their politician masters, is to be able to mouth pleasantries that mean nothing when backed into a corner? The greatest disappointment, of course, is that this reporter did not do much to press the issue. Modern-day "investigative reporting" seems to consist mostly of asking questions, not in getting any real answers.

How, exactly, are you in this state of "continuous improvement," Kevin? If you read the article you will find, as always, that the answer is "MORE MONEY," and "MORE STAFF." You all know the definition of insanity, right?...CPS lives by that...i.e. keep living by what has been proven to be failed policies and procedures and expect different (and better) results. Excuse us, Kevin, but we just aren't seeing this "continuous improvement" of which you speak:




Maybe Kevin and his cohorts need to be questioned by somebody a little more intimidating than some timid reporter? I betcha if we ever do get a major break against a billionaire pedo clubber, we can probably get lots of the answers that Kevin either doesn't have, or is afraid to give. Vegas is, without a doubt, one of the key "resources areas" for the international pedo network, and I can almost bet that Clark County CPS knows a lot more than they're willing to say about the unaccounted for elements of that sad 62%.

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