"Boy's Town National Hotline"...still advertising on Cable. How is this even possible???

in familyprotection •  7 months ago

Despite all the revelations by Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp in his seminal expose, "The Franklin Coverup," apparently the "Boy's Town" business brand has not suffered any ill consequences serious enough to put them out of business. Maybe being from northern Maine, I am just way out on the loop on this stuff, but I was still shocked to see them brazenly advertising their hotline for helping troubled boys, as though nothing had happened in Nebraska.

That was not my only mind-boggling pedophilia-related revelation this afternoon. As a result of the ad that I saw, I looked up more about Boy's Town and came across this incredible Wikipedia entry which says that all the accusers made it all up and that DeCamp had it all wrong!:

See for yourself here:


No wonder the case against the Podesta brothers, James Alefantis and the Pizzagate people connected to the Clinton Foundation has also been stymied and ridiculed to death! Everyone just keeps making this stuff up, right?

(Attorney, author and former Nebraska State Senator, John DeCamp.)

And...Boy's Town is apparently comfortable enough with what has to be bogus exoneration that they are back advertising on T.V. and have this impressive website for ongoing "help for boys.":


I apologize if this is all old news to everyone else. I haven't talked with John DeCamp in years, but I thought his book was pretty impressive, and that it all rang true to these ears. Sure, it is possible for one disgruntled person to be making up something...but a whole bunch of boys working in conjunction?? I just don't see it.

How about you?

Here are, apparently, listings for other Boy's Town T.V. ads:



Here are other allegations that seem to be unrelated to the DeCamp revelations by others involved with Boy's Town in that part of the country:


What gives here, folks? I wonder if we can even ever get to the truth here...? Can this American network of sick, twisted freaks ever be brought to justice? Maybe we should be putting the perps photos on those milk cartons....

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family is everything for anyone. i love my family 💖

It's all real..

Sick bastards !!


That's what I believe, too....but it looks like the pedo swamp rats are still trying to normalize themselves and their operations.

things keep getting worse here in the lower 47


Indeed. I guess so. Up here, we'd have our own ways of dealing with such "matters."


You got a democratic way of voting if i'm not mistaken.


"Democratic voting" isn't the problem. The counting is.

Humanism is a religion too, just human-centered (and foolish, IMHO.) Peace....


never mind the "ism"... It's just folks being decent to one another

howdy sir mepatriot! I've never heard anything about Boys Town, how long have they been having problems like this?


John DeCamp's excellent expose, "The Franklin Coverup," has got to be back in the mid 90s...??

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You are welcome