Can you believe that it is possible to be deprived of parental rights for 40 seconds? - Everything is possible if CPS interfere

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Hello dear Steemians!

I want to say again thank you to @familyprotection community as it gives an opportunity to help kids all over the world to grow in friendly families with loving mothers  and fathers. As for me, I have long known that CPS steal children in my country but many people in Latvia even do not suspect it. That is why it is always a shock for them to see CPS at their doorstep. I have told you about similar situation that occured with my friend Emma in the previous post. She was totally unready for the visit of CPS and only the bribe given to those scammers by Emma`s husband could keep their kids in the family. I was impressed by that story and wanted to help other parents of my country but did not know how to do it. I am just a usual person without huge money. But @familyprotection community gives an opportunity to warn parents all over the world about the danger represented by CPS. I have read posts of many people of this community and knew a lot of useful things how to protect also my own kids if I face CPS one day. I think it is very important to know your rights and not to think that this problem will never concern you. 

I will tell you a story of one woman who also could not even suspect that she would face problems with CPS one day. This story happened in my native country Latvia in Sigulda city. One day a mother of two daughters let her older daughter Alina play in the sandbox in the yard. Zhanna was a good mother and she looked after her daughter all the time while the child was playing. But suddenly the woman got distracted for a moment and when she looked into the yard - she did not see her daughter there. Zhanna ran to the police and filed a missing persons report on her child. After this the woman continued her searches of a daughter. One of the neighbors told that he saw how the pastor of a local religious organization had stolen little Alina. The woman ran to his home, he opened the door and answered that he could not give away the child as she was in the divine service. Zhanna called to the police but when the police came - the pastor did not let them enter his home. He stated that it was necessary to call a representative of the local Orphan's court. The official came at once, she talked about something with the pastor and in a few seconds told Zhanna that she was deprived of parental rights! It was enough just 40 seconds to lose a child! Does not it sound ridiculous??? A normal family with a good reputation...But there are no laws for officials. Later it was found out that the pastor told to the police and the representative of the local Orphans court that he took away Alina because she liked his house much more than her parents home. The pastor told that he had a computer but Alina`s parents did not have it. He had two rooms in his house and Zhanna had only one. 

It sounds ridiculous but only after the official told Alina`s parents that they were deprived of all parental rights, she decided to visit their home. And of course, the  representative of the local Orphan's court found many shortcomings regarding living conditions of children. For example, she did not like that an older and younger girl slept in one bed. She did not like the repair, told that it was too modest. Do not you think that these reasons are absurd? In this way it is possible to take away  a child from any person. 

A little later Zhanna found out that the criminal trial was started against her husband for ill-treatment with Alina. The woman was in shock because it was a false claim. Alina loved her father and they had great relationship. 

As you can see on the video, the family managed to return their daughter only when they attracted the mass media.  Zhanna is giving an interview on it. It was a real war with the state! But the child was given back only in 9 months!!! Can you imagine what a stress it was for a little child to live with strangers for such a long time? I went to my mom to another city once and left my children with husband. In a day my husband rang me and asked to come back as soon as possible - our younger son was very sad without his mom. And in this case the child was far from her mother for long 9 months! 

This story impressed me very much because it shows that any person can lose a child! We all are at risk and it scares. I hope this story will warn many people who will be at the same situation and teach them not to trust the officials and sit still but make noise around their case. Otherwise they will not be able to return their kids.

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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

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Thank you for sharing with us. Until I came across this community here on Steemit, I was unaware of how rampant the abuse at the hands of CPS actually was. Unaware of how they have a program that is set up to steal children from homes that never should have been targeted. The part that is even more shocking is reading the stories shared from all over the world with this phenomena occurring. They use the same playbook which for me is proof this is a world wide organized endeavor. I appreciate having my eyes opened.

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Thank you for sharing this story @mary82. Every new story that we became aware of must make us more adamant to do what we can in this fight against CPS. To make people aware of this issue!

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