RE: And the winner of the 2nd @familyprotection silver raffle is....

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And the winner of the 2nd @familyprotection silver raffle is....

in familyprotection •  11 months ago 

Hahaha! Brilliant, well done buddy!

Congratulations to @em3 @trucklife-family and as I don't have an adress at the moment I think @canadian-coconut should get the coin that was lovingly donated by @thethreehugs.

Great job @article61!

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ah!!! Thanks so much Mark!!
And thanks so much @article61 for putting all of this together!
It was an awesome show of support.

Special thanks to @thethreehugs as well for entering me and Mark into the raffle!

There are so many of you to thanks for all your generosity and support.



Congratulations @canadian-coconut!!! I'm chuffed you won one of these. Group hug, indeed!!!
Big love to you and everyone else involved.

FP is the real winner...but I will take the silver token!!!

Thanks so much!! Glad these keep going well! And here is to 125SBD for round 3!!!! :-)


That was a fun 3 weeks! And over 200SBD raised in just 2 raffles!! This place is awesome. Hope you get somewhere sorted soon mate and hope you're all safe and sound.

Yes! She, @canadian-coconut deserves it. She works hard for this community,