An Open Letter to Judge Anthony Capizzi

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I have a few questions in regards to a article I read published June 22, 2018 in The Olympian titled Family separation a travesty to children by Judge Anthony Capizzi.

Link to article

In the first sentence you wrote "The NCJFCJ deplores the wholesale separation of children from their parents at the US border, without due process of law, as a tragedy. " Really? Did the NCJFCJ make you say that? I can honestly say having direct experience in your court room I have never once witnessed any of your victims receive due process at all, in any way... You go on to say "The fact that these children and families are detained in facilities without a opportunity to be heard in court is contrary to our country's established rule of law." Really?

You sent my minor child to Abraxas in Shelby, Ohio without having any authority to do so. You repeatedly threatened me that I would lose custody of my child if I did not sign the appropriate paperwork. You sentenced my minor child to a sentence up to 12 months without counsel, and without my child being charged with a crime. Fact is you did not give me or my child a opportunity to be heard in court contrary to our country's established rule of law.

If that wasn't traumatizing enough you went on to detain my younger children placing them with dangerous people in fostercare without any evidence I was guilty of any wrong doing. I did not see my children or have any contact with them for 145 days and they did not see each other. In fact my younger children have not seen their brother since December 26, 2016 today is September 29, 2018 that's 641 days.

My children were immediately traumatized because you abused your authority. My children were immediately traumatized because you abused the court process. My children are still traumatized.

Here's a letter from my child you abducted and then trafficked through multiple dangerous and abusive facilities.



Here's text messages from my child you abducted and trafficked through the fostercare system.



Here's more text messages from that same child in regards to her little brother, my 10yr old child who has special needs due to autism, who you abducted and trafficked through the fostercare system.





Here's a recorded phone conversation with my youngest child he was age 9 at the time. He secretly called me for help from the foster home he was removed from because of sexual abuse.

Here's one more recorded phone call from my baby after I was not allowed to see or speak to him on his birthday. My voice goes in and out, but you can hear Wyatt clearly.
And here's the "pep talk" my daughter wrote to my son before he went to prison for a crime he didn't commit. He was barely 18yrs old at the time she wrote this. My daughter 17, and of course my youngest 10.


These are just a few examples of trauma caused by you Tony Capizzi. It would take days to post all the evidence of the abuse and trauma my children have suffered because of you. Also these are just some of the crimes you've committed against me and my children. Again it would take days to post all the evidence of your crimes against my family alone.


You have not acted judicially under the rule of law. You have used the illusion you were a judge, when you really were acting in a private capacity ruling under the color of law.

You are a coward and a criminal, and I will continue to expose you for the crimes you've committed against my children until you and all others involved are held accountable. You have drug me and my children through hell, but like my daughter said I know we can get through this, just keep going...


I am so very sorry @lane11 for what happened to your family? So did you not get any of your children back yet? This is just heartbreaking! I am going to shine the spotlight on this post tonight at 7 pm on my show Spice4Life at 7 pm UTC. Is there any way that this community can help you?

No I haven't gotten them back. I don't know what to do. I'm open for all ideas. The court refuse to allow me to file anything. The one time I was able to file the court ignored it.

This post/letter should come to the attention of President Trump.

It is about time for this administration to stop the child traffickers posing as judges.

#informationwar : Please take note and resteem.

Ok thank you

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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

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