Toddler stolen by Barnevernet from his mother's breast

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Literally, the only reason American citizen Amy Jakobsen lost her Norwegian-born son Tyler is that the boy was still being breastfed at 19 months. Although the child was within the normal growth chart weighing 9.6 kg, Norwegian doctors argued he should be 10 kg at that age and breastfeeding was the problem. The infamous local Child Protective Services, Barnevernet, took away the child.


That was in July 2013. Almost five years later, not only the child was not returned to his parents, but he has had his name changed twice and his whereabouts are unknown. Norwegian authorities motivated their refusal to give the child back saying there's a risk Amy might take the kid back to the US and raise him there, as you'd assume she has the right to do. For Barnevernet that's a horrible fate, so the child is better off in foster care or wherever he is.

Amy is described as a dedicated young mother who regularly took the baby to medical check-ups. Somebody snitched on them, alerting Barnevernet the baby was still breastfed. Amy was trying to get Tyler to eat more solids, but the child still wanted to be breastfed. (I can totally relate to that, my son was just like that, but we got away with raised eyebrows and malicious jokes. Fortunately, in my country nobody would consider something like that a reason to call in protective services.)
Amy was ordered to take the child to hospital for a medical evaluation and, even though the baby was in full health, Tyler was kept in the hospital.
What followed is something straight out of a movie. The child's father disguised himself as a doctor, managed to get to his son and whisked him away.
This is a crucial moment in this terrible story and this is why we need to raise awareness to how child protective services operate. Many people have no idea what they are up against and naively think they can prove they are innocent in a court of law. Instead of heading straight for the border or at least go into hiding with the child, the unfortunate father chose to drive around aimlessly in the area until the police caught up with him. They did try to charge him with kidnapping, but as, at the time, they still had full parental rights, the charge was dropped.


For a time, the parents were allowed to see the child once a week, then it was every two weeks, till the visits stopped altogether. The reason Barnevernet provided was that Tyler cried every time he saw his mother and didn't want to leave her. Better for him to forget he ever had a mother.
There were many protests where Amy Jakobsen presented her story, but to no avail. American authorities have so far ignored the brutal violation of an American citizen's rights.

For a quick overview of Amy's case, here is a video which explains the situation and includes disturbing footage taken at the hospital on the day the child was removed from the family.

At present, she is petitioning the new Minister of Children and Equality to get her son back. If you want to help you can sign the petition here. (Do not follow the link in the video, that petition is outdated.)

Screenshot-2018-4-11 The plan to legally kidnap our baby failed because we were alert — Steemit.png

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I was surprised at what really happened, well done the information
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing..

What I'm most worried is what kind of criminals a system like this would create. These barbaric uncivilized system is breaking not just families but also human spirit. We know how much broken families contribute to creating criminals. CPS is just putting the whole thing on steroids and making everything (at least) 20 times worse.

Just imagine what kind of psychological imprint these events would have on a child.

The child's father disguised himself as a doctor, managed to get to his son and whisked him away.

My goodness. This is sickening. Signed the petition.

Petition the ultimate authority of the Father in Heaven first, then the oppressive state authority on earth. @ironshield


It so sad to see this, I am not surprised.. the state is evil and this is just another confirmation.

My heart bleeds for these families..for the parents endlessly searching for their children and for the children who know not why they've been parted from their families. There is no justice in this situation

This is horrible.. poor family :(

Some time ago I have swore to myself that if I will ever have a son that is taken away from me like that, I will fight with my arms, I would bite and hit and throw with things in order to stop those kidnapers. If that doesn't qork, I would become a serial killer and hunt down the guys who took my child, even though it would cost me my life or my freedom. I don't care about human rights and their right to live, if they don't care about my right to raise my child.

I believe that the Norvegian government allows this kind of actions in order to increase their young population because it became quite a common thing for them to stole children like that. The people who allow or even order this kind of activites should be burnt alive.

Oh God, I get so triggered by such cruelties...


I understand your feelings, but there's nothing people who find themselves in such a situation can do. Just nothing. Not when they come with police officers in tow.
Sure, there's the other option you mentioned, fully justified I think, but then why should it get to this point?


well, because this would make some history and send a very powerful signal to Norway and I am sure they would change a bit their policy after that. Well I may have exaggerated, but I can't state that I won't do these things in case somebody takes my child :)

Resteemed, putting the word out via FB also. @ironshield


Thank you! From what I gathered they are pretty active on FB, but that doesn't seem to help. But then, nothing seems to help when Barnevernet is involved. In other cases, there were street protests all over Europe and they just ignored them.

que triste esta historia, de verdad ,es lo mas triste que he visto hoy

This kind of stories seems so sad to me. It shows how the baby just wants to be back with his family. And the parents putting all their effort to have him by their side again. This system is really cruel and the authorities do nothing about it.

Shocked and disturbed one more time at the outrageous aligations parents have to experience. What is the new norm for raising children for CPS these days? 🐓🐓


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It so sad to see this, I am not surprised.. the state is evil and this is just another confirmation.

Good grief! My first daughter was long and skinny. Average length, but way below average weight! She's still that to this day and she's 17 now.