You Have A Say Where Your Kids Are Placed, KEEP them Off Foster Care Warehouse and Strangers!!!Stop CPS Corruption. (Join The Fight @familyprotection)

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I have seen numerous corruption and inhumane practices but that found  in the family court and social service (CPS) is so deep that we begin to question our humanity, our existence and our  all.  The emotional stress and mental hurdles families experience when dealing with CPS should not be underestimated. In fact it may by far be 'one' of the worst season for a family, second to loosing a family member to the grips of death. 

The investigations and questioning of your child may most times  result to an emotional trauma for a child. Many parents(adults) get traumatized when been scrutinized by the CPS, how much more children who are quickly affected emotionally than you even know it!. 

If investigations, questionings and scrutiny can make your child feel uneasy and emotionally tormented, imagine the great pain and mental distress they would feel when taken from their homes, from their parents. Oh wait, you don't have to imagine, we've read so many stories posted under the #familyprotection tag. We have seen the conditions children in foster cares and group homes and all others. We've seen the statistics of abuse under CPS with humongous numbers when compared to children under their parents. Some of us might have experienced how hard and degrading it is for a child to be under foster care and group homes in person.

The safety and emotional state of our kids should be our top priority even while we battle with the CPS and attend court session. If for any reason CPS decide to temporarily remove a child from your care, do exercise your Right. You are in control of many things than you know it, ignorance is simply the blindfold that leads CPS to outrun us, robbing us off our kids.

Unlike the police officer that recites your rights to you when you get arrested, CPS workers don't. That's why we need to create awareness for ourselves and parents around us. If ever it comes down to your kids been removed from your care either for a day, weeks, months(temporarily) or permanently, make sure they are placed with family members or relatives. CPS must follow the law that is put in place, they would only follow it if you point it out clearly, otherwise, your kid would find themselves in a foster care warehouse. 

The federal government requires the state(CPS) to give the highest preference to relatives(grand parents, aunties, uncles and others) when placing your kid for care. In fact, your relatives should be considered first before a group home or a foster care warehouse, or some stranger. But most people don't know this, and a large majority of CPS worker, if not all, wont read you this part of the law. Never will!. 

Don't give CPS the opportunity to burn down your home and still kill off your child's happiness completely by sending them to foster care warehouse or strangers who will molest and harass them. This requirement by the federal government is stated in the Federal law under title IV-E of the Social Security Act

If your child is ever to spend a day out of your care or permanently, follow due processes to get the child into the hands of your relatives or capable grand parents. Get your family/relatives involved in your case, relatives that are ready to take your child in if it ever comes to that. Relatives who your child is already comfortable and familiar with. 

Your child is one million percent better off with your grand parents or even relatives that you know, than some random family, stranger (who just want to make some cash from the government), group homes or worst, foster care facilities that will keep them molested and abused, depriving them of their happiness and emotional confidence. If adoptive placement comes up, the relative of the child is also given the highest preference.

Letting go of a child is the most difficult thing that can happen to a family, a nightmare even, but if you find yourself highly unable to retain custody of your child by all possible means you have employed, and you see your kid about to slip away to their cruel hands, because of CPS preying and many other corrupt practices, remember this "YOU have a say where your kid goes", don't relent, keep fighting for them. 

There might be little variation about this, so always seek the advice of a Juvenile Dependency Lawyer/Parent's Right Attorney in the region you are, to know exactly the options available to you. Don't be an easy prey for CPS. #familyprotection is a growing community here to always back you up, and support you as you face the CPS.

Knowledge is Power, so please pass this information around, to every family you know. Your Child's well-being is your top priority, never let them stay a single day with the CPS,   Don't give up on getting them back, so never relent!!.  

Stand for your family
Stand for your children's happiness
A parent's love would always triumph
Know and exercise your RIGHTS 

Please follow @familyprotection, a community here on Steemit, helping to enlighten, support and aid families passing through hard times with CPS and social injustice, and exposing their corrupt practices. Upvote, Comment, Resteem this post and Participate in the community.

Great Thanks to Linda (@canadian-coconut), for her help in making this work more presentable and readable. I am grateful.

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Get ownership back of your children. how?
Contact birth registry office and request a copy of Live Birth registration. that is the Deed to your Child.

We hope it never get to the stage when CPS tries to kidnap our kids, but if it gets any worst and you see your kid slipping away with all the effort you have imputed, fight at least to get them into the custody of one of your loving relatives, who your kid is very very familiar with. Brothers, uncles, sister e.t.c. Relative who is capable of trying their best to keep the child happy. Grand parents especially!. Let's not make it easy for CPS to just take off our kids and play "market god" with them. Keep loving your kids and join the fight at @familyprotection

@kryptocoin, thank you for this amazing post. This is a sound one. I'd rather have my kids with my grand parents than end up loosing them to some strange family, or foster care home, who doesn't care!. My parents would love them better than any other person out there. Thanks a lot

You are welcome, glad you liked the post. Spread the news.

Children need a lot of love and care. Childhood traumas create lot of life long personality disorders for them. My belief is do not depend on others for raising up your children. Be in complete control of your children

Very true, nothing is greater than this "A child having the love and care of his/her parents". Nothing can substitute such connection. But life happens sometimes, and their grand parents, brothers, uncles or other relatives becomes the best option. @familyprotection seeks to eliminate the plots and devious act of CPS by first giving Awareness, support and in future would be able to assist parents to face these Criminals(CPS) both financially and otherwise in the court. Together we can make this happen, so no child ever needs to live without their loving families. Plenty Thanks @nainaztengra.

Great article and a special "heads up" because I do not believe that CPS pays much attention to the Federal law under title IV-E of the Social Security Act. If families are not aware of their rights and excersise those rights, they stand to lose those rights and their children.

This problem is nation wide, with some states more intrusive than others. Well, truth is, the problem is world wide. I know I'll be promoting @familyprotection as much as possible. So many are unaware of the problem facing families today. Raising awareness for a more fully informed public will be the saving grace for these innocent children.

Big thank you to you @kryptocoin for the part you play in making the world a better place. I know I'll be meeting many here on Steemit with the same values, so look forward to Steemin' on everyday.

Let peace always be the journey,

Yeah, a much more informed public knowing their rights will make a great U-turn. Thanks @vickiebarker.

Nice piece. I will inform my neighbours and friends about it. Thank you @kryptocoin.

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