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WHO if Not

in familyprotection •  11 days ago

Who Knows how things will turn out to be?
Who tells the stories of those that Ache?
Who sees life as full as it can get?
Who respects the weak fellow?
Who sees a fall and think of a rise?
Who knows them all?
How can life turn bitter?
How can it turn sweet?
Events are not planned?
They happen as they do?
Who can comfort this feeble girl
I can't even see her pain
Who can define life?
Who defines death?
Who if Not Me?

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Very important questions, thanks a lot.

We all know the answer if we think about it. God our creator knows all and can be a comfort to all taking our pain IF w allow Him. What a wonderful writing @kryptocoin Thanks my friend.


Thanks Troy. I just decided to use a post to air out some feelings I get looking at my little Lillie. Hope you've been great Troy?.