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Evil Disguised And Dignified

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While growing up in the early 90's, there was a parable my dad loved to tell and even made some form of illustrations about it using charcoal shading. I realize that there are lots of variation to "The Naked Truth" fable, but they carry similar message. I will share one below;

The Truth and Lie met, Lie said to the Truth: it's a marvelous day today!. The Truth looks and indeed it was a beautiful day. They spent a lot of time together, they arrived at a well, The Lie tells the Truth: the water is nice, let's have a bath together.

They undressed and started bathing, suddenly, the Lie comes out of the well, picked up the attires of The truth, wears them and took on its heel into town. Angry, Truth comes out, runs everywhere in search of the Lie so as to get her attires back but couldn't find her.

The World seeing the Truth naked turns its gaze with disdain and rage.

The poor Truth returns to the well and disappears forever, hiding therein it's shame. Since then, the Lie travels around the world dressed as the Truth satisfying the needs of the society because the World in any case harbors no wish to meet the naked Truth.

A simple fable it seems, but it is encompassing, though there are many versions of this fable now, but one two salient point from most of them are:

  1. Truth and lie had a form of "communication"
  2. Lie is disguised as the Truth. Evil now disguised as good


The world is deceived by the disguise of evil to the extent where Good is now disdained and swept off the cliff as Evil. What is the norm we now face?, how can the world trust the Lie that has been told?. When those in authority and in service decide to be selfish and won over by the Elites, the world falls into a state where innocent and good people suffer. Evil is left to flourish.

When a wolf is dressed as a sheep, 10 sheep falls prey. Other wolves seeing that a simple disguise gave so much meal, takes after the footstep of that wolf, disguise themselves too. One takes down 10, the disguised fellows increases, multitude of sheep are preyed on by disguised wolf packs!.

Agencies are dressed up finely and granted "power", they find favor in the eyes of the masses who think that the agencies are there to protect families and the best interest of the child. Power is abused, children suffer and family sheepfolds get scattered abroad, literally.

When you tell people the truth; CPS and other agencies are just disguised Abusers, they refuse to believe, they are resistant to think that the finely dressed Protectors are not what they say they are. The masses refuse to acknowledge these facts, but how could they acknowledge these, if the CPS is so finely dressed and angelic on the outside but blackened at their core.

The truth has lost its garment to the Lie, Evil has been branded to become Good, and Good is left to shame, wallowing in disbelief. Now people scream in support of CPS not knowing that they are just a body that protects no one.

How can you say CPS took away your child based on falsified facts?- who would believe!. Who would believe the Naked Ugly Truth!,? Who would try to undress the Lie so she is seen for what she is?. How can we bring the minds of the masses back to the undressed truth? These questions are primal to the re-institution of the true rights of parenthood and preserving the familial bonds of homes. If the world is to believe and listen to the warnings we spread, they must first of all behold the truth after knowing the Lie for what it is!.

We all have a job more special than any out there, We need to Dress The Truth back in her garment, so the world can behold and listen to her once more. The world needs to know that the CPS swims in evil waters, and then they can embrace the Good and Truth. Our Job is encompassing and bigger than the surface reveals.

Dress and present the Truth today to everyone and then we can save the Children of the World from them that delight in Shadows.

Please Support This Project So A Mother (@mayaabb) Can Get Back Her Little Daughter That was wrongfully taken(Legally Kidnapped) by CPS and their henchmen.

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100% of The liquid payout of this post will be donated to @mayaabb to help in her fight to get back her 10 years old Daughter

I Love To Make Blooms And Children Need It More Than Ever

Peace to you all,
( @kryptocoin )

If you truly care and passionate about helping families and children worldwide facing CPS injustice, an healthy step is to JOIN the @familyprotection community.

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Thank-you @kryptocoin for submitting this post with the #familyprotection tag. It has been UPVOTED by @familyprotection and RESTEEMED TO OUR Community Supporters.
"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

THANK-YOU for donating the liquid proceeds of this post to Maya Bradshaw's FundRaiser to get her daughter back from this evil system.

This is absolutely fabulous @kryptocoin! You painted a simple picture of how evil takes over good and the masses are deceived. It’s brilliant. As a Christian I was not only reading this in terms of the CPS but in terms of how daily we are fighting against principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness..

Ephesians 6:12 (KJV)

12 - For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

This fable was right on when speaking of the truth and lies that are tossed back and forth involving the intentions of the CPS. Thanks for sharing. Resteemed ~


Oh yes, it is very much an encompassing fable. It's boundaries are so wide apart.
Eph 6:12 is very true and visible in the society.

2 Corinthians 11:14-15 KJV
And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. [15] Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

Thank you @crosheille


That is another great scripture! Thank you~

WOW. I do not know who you are. But I found you and this article. This is by far one of the "BEST" articles I have ever read. I am going to resteem you and I hope the whole crypto world resteems you. I love it and thank you for putting this into a simple fable that the world can understand.


Thank you

The fatal consequences of truth rejection is what we experience in the world of today. Say the truth and be branded social incorrect. Falsehood thrives and is elevated. Until "Truth Personified" is enthroned, the world will continue in the hand of wickedness. Jesus is the TRUTH. Reject him to you own peril.

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I don't know how to express myself the way I feel about this article..
Sincerely, this is awesome..
And I'll resteem this please..

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God bless the author of these post, i wondered for year why a child should be seperated from his parent....