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The Race Of A Voluntary Man-Woman-Human

in familyprotection •  2 months ago

The beauty of manning a source or hub that acts as an advice, research and complaint point for parents who are affected by CPS is that I myself get exposed to more real "Realities" that parents are made to pass through. Getting this exposure helps me to confidently give advice when others need them because it opens me up to a varying view of the magnitude of ills CPS uses.

This is where connecting to as much people as possible becomes important, If you want to be capable of helping others out when they face or are in the pipe to CPS, there are many routes you can take in making your goal a reality; go out to real people and see for yourself, ditch the overly censored media, join a group that aims to restore the family rather than pull it down. Make yourself available in every way you can and help your "neighbor" who is getting cooked by the Chefs of CPS.

Yesterday, I had a visitor(I am actually sorta happy the visitor queue has been very sparse of late, phew), she was going to spend 3 days with my family and my little Ones were so happy they had another adult to hang out with because uncle Kryptocoin was pretty boring for a long while now(I used to take them out very often, visit the mini forest, go to the movies, park, and the list goes on and on). I understand how they feel, I promise them we will get to do all these again, that it is just temporary. We would even climb the Everest and swim the Mississippi once I am back in shape!. lol. .

So, back to my writing rail, Judith said

"Oh, I can see you are back to working , so you work from home now 'fully'?"

After my accident, work has been on a kind of "pause" since I was absent for months. I replied:

I am Just replying some emails and checking out some stuff, I have to do this a bit often.


That is good, guess you are taking being an Email Specialist/Customer rep as a temporary post?.


You got it mixed up Judy, I don't get paid doing this. And I am not an Email Specialist, just replying the mails of some people who reached out to me. Just a voluntary stuff I am passionate about


Voluntary?, what is it about that you get to spend time doing that when you are not paid by the hour?.


Hmmmm, you remember what happened to XXXX family and also that your friend you lost years ago because she had to move out to another place and you never got to talk again, you remember ?


What does this conversation have to do with all that ?


Everything Judy!, I am playing my part to make sure XXXX family never experience all that ever again, and another Judith out there never have to lose her best friend like you did. I don't need to be paid before I commit to something this big.

Judith was speechless at this point, I can understand the thoughts that might have swarmed through her head at that moment. Thoughts like "is that even possible, can they be stopped?". I myself don't know when this dream to empower families and make them immune to the ant-family Bodies will be accomplished. This is one of those movement that can never be given a road map nor timeline, but all we have is to Keep on Believing and never give up on what we know is True and Right.

I think the true simple way of looking at it is to use a magnifying lens on each individual victories we accomplish.

Helping just one family today,
Making just one person aware,
Helping just one of those children,
Exposing just one of those social workers,
We are having Victories in ONES to a Many

When we don't stop believing, when we win these battles even in ONES, we are winning already. It takes Just One!.

We need to keep writing those mails, writing those posts, giving those advice, visiting those homes, connecting to those parents, getting their stories heard. We need to be "instruments" of change. Do you get paid to BREATHE?, no!, you just Breathe!. Even more so, we shouldn't wait to be paid to be Humanity embracing People. We need the Voluntary heart, everyone of us, breathing it like Air!.

The Race Of A Voluntary Man-Woman-Human

Please Support This Project So A Mother (@mayaabb) Can Get Back Her Little Daughter That was wrongfully taken(Legally Kidnapped) by CPS and their henchmen.

Support this project on

I Love To Make Blooms And Children Need It More Than Ever

Peace to you all,
( @kryptocoin )

If you truly care and passionate about helping families and children worldwide facing CPS injustice, an healthy step is to JOIN the @familyprotection community.

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