[RP]Your Children Can Become Your Achilles Heel, You Need Protect Their Psychological Being!!

Getting into the heads of children is somewhat an easy process considering the fact that children are psychologically easily influenced. Some adults even as matured as they are, could easily get influenced or pushed to do things under duress. By simply pushing the right buttons, CPS is capable of causing a lot of havoc, creating scenes where families are in opposition of one another making caseworkers operation as smooth as it can get. Adults can learn to strengthened themselves to a level where external well cooked intrusion is waged and defended against. But with children, it is not an easy equation, they definitely have a much weaker defense system and can easily be fooled to do things they never intended doing.

I have seen wives being played and turned against husbands and vice versa, family relatives being given enticing reasons by CPS to counter the effort a family is making to keep their children safe. All these happens, such script has played out time without numbers, cases upon cases and unfortunately, it will keep happening. Understanding CPS for who they are, what they are capable of doing and the methodology behind their system of operation is an equation we all must come to grasp. To underestimate them is to be ready for a helly ride.

For a fatal blow, CPS would always approach your children as often as they can, with every opportunity they find. This is done in order to get a strong grip on children as quickly as possible, to influence children's perspective of things to caseworkers' advantage. A child has a bruise, a caseworker comes in and investigates beyond the bruise!. A child gets into trouble with another kid, or other of the numerous scenes you might think of, caseworkers will investigate beyond this borders, swimming to unnecessary ends. Caseworkers play a "luck" game to get something to hold you with even though it happens not to be true. All they need is to build up a case against, no matter how absurd it may seem, it would definitely sound well to the ears of the judge. This is why a simple case that starts with "a bruise" gets elongated beyond scope. Sexual abuse, neglect of any form and all others would simply be infused into the investigation.

Now, the child becomes the elemental target to get anything to hold you with, especially when you are a slippery eel, and there is nothing to put on the case against you. You begin to hear absurd questions, like(You would be surprise to know the bad and silly questioning your children pass through. ):

Does your dad touch you here or there?
Where do you sleep, do you often sleep on the same bed with your dad.?
(obviously trying to pick up any innocent and non-sexual intended happening and then positively branding it as sexual abuse. Many children have fallen to the foster care system because of these, normal occurrences explained away from their innocent loci).

Does your mum forbids you from doing this or that?,(trying to find a loose scenario to found a sort of emotional abuse or neglect

The fact remains, caseworkers are going to explain so many things away from context, not because they don't know the possible truth, but because they "WANT" to report away from context. And they will only achieve this by playing a smart one on families, breaking down the family defense from within!. They literally try so hard to temporarily take your children, while you await a hearing, or a series of hearing, or while you are busy trying to complete a list of SERVICE or conditions to get back your child. While busy at getting your child back, caseworkers with their mentally retarded mental workers are most time busy brainwashing the emotionally inexperienced children. Just as I said from the onset of this post, Children are easily manipulated and often at times end up innocently complicating matters for their parents. This is what CPS wants and they would do anything to have it so.

It drives home the important warning of not letting your kids alone with caseworkers. Caseworkers are capable of gradually sowing seeds in their innocent heart that accumulates to a state where children are often confused, develop a conflicting images of things and on rare occasions might even begin to visualize things that weren't there in the first place. Their heart is easily influenced, psychological prowess often bendable all to the disadvantage of parents.

At the time, caseworkers had visited us, and an investigation was on going. They kept coming and needing to talk with my daughter. I really did not see what was coming next, I had always bathed my 8 year old daughter, but what came off my daughter's mouth that fateful day was simply unimaginable, it hit me like a bullet. Apparently, the DHS worker had been filling my little girl's head with insane stuff, making her to believe I was sexually harassing her, this was unacceptable and I wasn't going to allow them speak to her alone anymore, never!, because apparently this social worker was already trying to destroy my home, I wondered what she might have reported about me already at the time, but it didn't take long before my wife and I was in legal marathon.

Luckily the above parent went off the hook after a serious series of battles. It's not just a one time occurrence, caseworkers are good at causing confusion and turning family members against one another. They usually succeed at doing this with adults, how much more your young little innocent bendable and easily influenced child. So be careful, keep your kids close, no interview without you being present, in fact without a recording device!. Let us prepare our kids to withstand these twists and plots, for these are trying times, because Your Children Might Be Your Achilles Heel.

Fight For The True Interest Of Every Child Worldwide

Rpost; There is need for fresh eyes to see this and stand up to help.

Peace to you all,
( @kryptocoin )

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