[RP] The Letters: We Need To Acknowledge CPS as A Huge Problem

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Dear YYYY,

This is one of those times where I am absolutely confused to whom I should tag my letters to!. Is it Dear Parents? or perhaps Dear People? oh wait, maybe Dear Families?. I am very sure that this letter is to everyone out there and out here. Did I just say a Letter? or unlettered-letter?. Pardon me, I guess you understand what I am trying to infer with my unseasoned and pale intro; This is a POST and I am wishing the whole world sees it, stop spectating and start to act to help the children and families out there in the wild zones of CPS.

Recently, I have been looking through my email account and its been completely overwhelming how ticking it can get. So, I have been replying a handful and at the same time getting responses!. This goes to show that there are lots of people out there trying to figure out how well they can keep their homes safe from the preying eyes of those who seek to deface the family unit and what it stands and have always stood for.

The truth is; right from time immemorial, the family unit has always been unparalleled and everyone recognized this fact beyond any doubt thinkable!, well not anymore. The governments of the world seem to have a different view these days and the whole "strip them off their children" trend has become way more alarming than the crisis collective families have ever faced in history, worldwide. What makes the war against Family Preservation more disturbing than ever is the rate at which "BRANDING" and "Legalities" have been used to coat the ugly truth that is only available in the dark yards many have been, you never know until you have been there, yeah?.

So, some parents after experiences and encounters with CPS and other familial-bond-poisoning government organisations, have been able to look beyond the "BRANDING" and numerous colorful coatings served to the populace in the name of "Child Protection". We get to hear stories after stories, testimonies and first hand experiences, the numbers of these experiences keeps popping out of the dark yards every now and then. As effective as this might be in revealing the odds of CPS, it is quite sad that people have to fall victim, taste the bitter pills the corrupt CPS administers and more devastating incidences before the families of the world recognize the threat and sterile grounds many have fallen deep into.

I just wished we could all get off our individual lazy beds and see that not just our children's future but our generation itself is facing a "Strange Kind of Extinction". If the current Child Protection Agencies are left standing and functioning without CHANGE, it would be just a matter of time before we will be in a deep hole of regret. Looking back and saying; "That was where we got it wrong!".

Am I glad receiving much emails and requests for helpful advice on how to keep the wolves(CPS) off the family's door?.
Requests of how to fight better in courts? and plain emails of victims of CPS?
Am I glad?.
Not one bit!.
But I am grateful that these messages are being sent , communications being made and stories being told. It simply shows that more and more people are getting concerned about their families and are completely becoming very informed not to trust CPS and other bodies like them that preach Branded Message and sell pills that at a point kept us Myopic to the true dangers encroaching the one-time strong family unit's foundation. It is the only joy I find in the terrible and heart-breaking stories and experiences I get to know of everyday; The joy derived from the fact that others are becoming informed and aware of the PROBLEM and many have begun to step out of the spectator line!. What a Strange kind of joy!, or is that even joy at all?


I mean YOU!"

Rpost; There is need for fresh eyes to see this and stand up to help.

Peace to you all,
( @kryptocoin )

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I hear you my friend. The problem is if you've been traumatized by the CPS you want hopefully to see an end to the crap they pull. If you have not dealt with the CPS most folks have little or no interest and are apathetic. The CPS is one of many countless branches of this tree we would call The Shadow government deep state. A tree can always regrow branches as long as it's alive. Evil can always find other places to hide and can rename themselves. The whole tree needs to be cut down not just a single branch. Cuz while you're cutting down a branch other branches are growing. Thank you for your continued fight to save families and children @kryptocoin

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