[RP] Hey Foster Parents: Here is A Letter From Karma.

Dear Foster Parent, 

I write this letter with the best intention at heart, I am of an open mind and hoping this letter meets you in the perfect frame of mind as well. I know the work you do is one that is enormously stressful if you are indeed doing it RIGHT with a humane mind, and to underestimate how emotionally and time exhausting such work is would be unfair on my side. Yet, today I am calling for your beautiful heart if indeed it is still alive and I am serving you a cookie of remembrance, to remember the oath you have sworn. 

Have you forgotten the oath you swore?, do you not remember what you swore on that fateful day, the day you decided to "Foster" that child?. You promised to care for, take care of, look after, nurture, provide for , and soundly bring up that child in the best of your humble ability. That was the oath you swore, but sadly I think you might have forgotten, or are you one of those people who jumped in because of the lustre of the golden-fiat you were promised or saw?

I do know that the placement worker might have told you something bad about the circumstances surrounding the child you now foster, the worker might have painted an image of the child's previous home and parents, how horrible and neglecting the parents were, but I am writing to let you know that these are possibly Lies. The percentage of actual abuse and neglect is far lower than you might have imagined, the child you now care for might have being removed from his home due to corrupt practices that runs deep in the CPS structure, I have attached to this letter another paper with much links stating the horrors and lies the CPS system have hidden for a long time, I do hope you look through it.

My heart is pained when I think about all the hurts many of these kids have lived under and my chest is indeed heavy, I am not in any way accusing you of any ill, neither am I on the trail of undermining your work, but I humbly beg that you forget everything you have been told about the child you now care for, forget all the briefing the placement worker might have made, the only thing you need remember is that the child under your care "NEEDS" all the love in the world, all they can get!. That was the oath you swore to stand by, no matter how "a pain in the ass" they might be.

Leave the entire trash bag the child came with outside, he has been hurt greatly, he has been taken from all he knew to be family, he aches heavily, he cries so often, he might be rude, he might be too conserve, he might be in shock, he is definitely under trauma, he misses the toys he had learnt to play with, the tree-house he thought was a palace, the siblings he knew to be his world, he misses!, and he hurts!. He is but a child who can not understand this pain, he is a child who had been victimized and now all hope seem lost. This is the time he needs you the most, tell him you understand how he feels, let him know you are not there to hurt him more, tell him that he will get to see Mum and Dad soon, tell him all hope is not lost. Look beyond all the baggage weighting him down and the walls he has built around himself, tell him there is hope. Be his hope.

Your voice can be a healing water to his aching soul, please be his doctor while you still can, because he might be gone by the morning, he might be taken from your home anytime soon. Yes!, that placement worker that brought him to your home might decide to remove him again, for the child to start another cycle of pain in a new home. Dear foster parent, Do you know that this kids are transferred from one home to the other?, some have even be placed in more than 8 homes on the average. This stops them from making any form of connection whatsoever, they are always on the road, the road to more doom. Be a source of joy and relief right from the moment they show up in your home. Better still, don't create any reason that would lead to their removal for another home, I know you are up to the task no matter how difficult this might seem

Oh sorry, up until now, I was speaking to humane minded fosters parent, the above part of this letter was for them, those who had sworn an Oath to truly Foster. I say sorry not because I am sorry, but because I am sorry at the Karma Effect that goes around to those who have chosen to be evil and to further destroy the lives of the child placed under their care. I know you don't care about children, the golden-fiat is all that matters to you, Have you abused these children even more?, perhaps you have even molested that child to the extent they feel hopeless and lost. I don't know who you are personally and I can't fish you out just yet, but remember that I am Karma and no one, absolutely no one escapes the consequences of their actions, I am coming and I will mete to you what you have mete to that child, unless you change your ways and keep the Oath you have sworn. 

I am Karma and I ask you just this one question: If you were a parent, and something happened along the way, would you be happy and would your mind be at rest if your child was placed with a person with your very own character, your clone? someone who would treat your child the same way you treat the child under your care right now?. If your answer was a YES, your reward would be as priceless as the best true riches that money can not buy! and you will drink from the pure water you have bestowed to the child you cared for. But If your answer was a NO, your reward still awaits you, for you shall drink from the bad waters you have drowned the lives of so many children in. I await your change and hope this letter serves as a reminder. Remember the Oath you have sworn. Break the cycle of hate and darkness. For I am KARMA.

A great foster parent can reach the heart of even the most aching and traumatized child. Be Part Of Their Hope, Nurture With Your Heart And Help that Child Preserve The Family He Always Knew, Who Loved Him, Don't Break His Hope, Let Him Know That He Would See His First Love Again.

Yours Faithfully,

Rpost; There is need for fresh eyes to see this and stand up to help.

Peace to you all,
( @kryptocoin )

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