[RP] CPS Invades Families - For The Worst Interest of The Child


Fear of Knowing?....One of the major disease eating away at the American people and humanity in general is that of "ignorance". When the masses fail to recognize a threat, such a threat no longer becomes a threat in their in their pillared world. But that threat is still there nonetheless.

I was looking through some of the videos a friend gave me many months back, the video is dated back to 2006. I have met some people who say CPS's looseness just started happening a few years ago. These people are completely wrong, CPS has been at it for a decade more.

The video, though super low budget(which is nothing really, since it does a perfect job) clearly puts CPS nature out for all to see. It is a video where an interviewer(believed to be DaddyJustice.com) covers a CPS scene of oppression, falsification and many more. The video starts with the baby's grandmother saying:

I made call after call trying to find someone who would at least help us, and I am ashamed to say that I THOUGHT WHEN SOMEONE TAKES YOUR CHILD IT MEANS YOU DID SOMETHING TERRIBLY TERRIBLY WRONG. I am ashamed at myself for feeling like that and I know now that isn't true. And other people have told me STORIES but I didn't really listen, because i thought they did something wrong.
Now I know that isn't true, please I hope that anyone listening to this should please please listen if someone is trying to tell you something going on with their child and custody of their children, please listen to them ~GrandMother

By JusticeDaddy Production
These words sound very familiar to me and shows the rate at which people throw away facts because they are just being "ignorant" even when the truth is staring at them in the face. In this video, her grand daughter was kidnapped by the so called Protective Services, the cops entered her home without a warrant, and caseworker requesting to take her child because the "Mother was on drug". On what ground did they establish this accusation?. The baby was taken from her, the caseworker threatened her and just threw the paperwork at her face.

Who the hell would do this, you ask?, caseworkers do it all the time!. The mother agreed to a deep drug test, of which she came out 100% negative. You would think they will return the child after that right?, they didn't!!!!!. The baby(I repeat, baby!!) was kept away from her mother for more than 53 days on false accusation by some rude, lying son of a CPS!, allowed a meager 1 hr visit in a full week. This is a little child who must be going through a lot being separated from her mother.

Once the system takes a child its like they don't wanna give them back, even uh it is more of a feeling, I think it is more of a feeling that they don't want to be wrong so the "have" to keep the child for as long as they can..GrandMother

This is very true, they hold onto children for a million years even when there is no reason to do so. No reason at all. Though the baby was returned 4 days after the interviewer made the last recorded talk with the Director. The director "appears" to be a bit remorseful about the invent(I might be wrong though, she retired 3 weeks later), but the caseworker looked so self-confident during the talk which was after the baby had spent 49 days already in the hands of strangers!!!!!. The longer they hold children for whatever invalid reason at all, the more they get paid, literally.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of parents going through the same ordeal, many have lost their children completely and many still will if we don't start to look at this matter with a collective strength!. This time I decided to bring up this video with a happy ending, but this scenario is just a tip of the iceberg. The crimes going, with the legal kidnaps and more is so huge that it breaks the back of a mountain.

What kind of illusory sleep could we have been hypnotized with? We need to wake up because "later would be too late".

I Love To Make Blooms And Children Need It More Than Ever

Peace to you all,
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