[RP] CPS at Her Finest: Here you Go!, Supervised Visit and All Its Facades..

Supervised Visitation!
Paraded and disguised as good will
Goodwill that is badly intended.

The court pronounces your child a dependent of the State
Then Sends you off on a wild goose chase
For a So called redemption to get your child back.

You get perhaps a weekly visitation
If you are so lucky, you get more than one per week
But their intention for these visitation ain't golden
CPS and the court do not want to be seen as kidnappers,
As a body that takes children without giving parents a chance.

Second chance?, well you are given a redemption list!
Containing all you need to do to get your child back
But this list of conditions and service is rigged
In more ways to persecute more.

In it are a numerous things to do, classes to attend
And other ridiculous things that ain't well thought out
They never put into consideration if you are a worker
You are left jumping from one list to the other, from work to court
If you are lucky, your boss might be a considerate fellow, if not you lose your job.

Oh yes, the disguised supervised visitation once more!
Is not only a disguised form to get people think softly of CPS legal kidnap
But to serve as a route to get more information about you
To get more money off you too!
You pay dollars in the tens and hundred range each time
To visit your own child!,
If you don't, it is used against you in court.

As you talk to your child, they listen, they supervise, they report!
They get to write more and more unfair reports about you
Anything to discredit you further and throw you off the ladder of redemption
You can't talk to your child privately nor have a sense of communion.

Try never to give CPS the delight
Cause if you miss a visit, oh yes!
It would be used against you!
CPS and the Court kicks you like a ball,
Right, left, up and down they remote you,
Draining all your pocket, keeping your child like a criminal
Held within walls to be visited under supervision!

After all these planned rigged list of ridiculous and fraudulent services
You are still most likely never to see your child again
It was just a sham, an act, a play, a pretense!
All they wanted was to take away your child, knock you off as much dollar as possible,
Then still zoom off with your lovely Child with the illegal backing of the corrupt court.

You don't have to pass through all these,
You can avoid all these many charade by knowing and exercising you power,
I repeat "Exercising"!, there is so much you can do!
We just need to take charge of our lives,
All we need is to be informed and stand our ground,

We need to be more involved and tell these CPS and the other family-sucking bodies
That we are great!, we hold hands united in a common pursuit!
So no other family, child or parent would have to go through these dirty routes.

United in heart and a common goal
Everyone of us all over the globe,
LETS work in love and zealous beauty!!!

Don't worry!, the time approaches when no innocent parent nor child will ever have to go through all these route. The time draws nigh!, how near? depends on you and I..

Fight For The True Interest Of Every Child Worldwide

Peace to you all,
( @kryptocoin )

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