[RP] Can I Beat my Chest For America?

This Article was written by my friend Eugene about America knowing that the Love he had for his country and also most citizens of America was just a brainwash, a sham that has never lived to its envisaged height. This article have been shared before on my blog, but being reposted, there is need for fresh eyes to see these.

Can I Beat My Chest For America?

I have been a patriotic American right from birth, I do remember my mum saying "Eugene!, you need to join the army, because when you where a newborn, you would always move your body on the bed, and you would always smile and laugh whenever you heard the national Anthem anywhere". That was what she always told me, but I am glad I never took that path, I am most glad!.

Right from the time I can begin to remember, my dad always told me many stories about America, about patriotism, about service for one's country and after saying that much, he would silently say "Eugene, there are things greater than this nation, and there are more things beyond the concept America portrays, look beyond the horizon and the politics". I always pondered about this and the indoctrination camps I attended in the form of schools made it all worst.

In these camps I have been made to believe that being an "American" was the greatest honour we could ever have, but I can't say that much anymore. My patriotism no longer lies within the pillars of America. Having seen the horrors people face all in the name of being an america, I always think twice, always saying to myself, "Can I beat my chest for America?. Am I truly lucky to being a United State Citizen?. The answer is becoming so no-ish.

Carefully thinking deep, I can't beat my chest for America, not one bit. I have seen horrors upon horrors, I have come across so much people that have been made into feeble dust by our "supposed" beloved nation. After been personally stressed and having friends and and relative stigmatized by my great America, I am dead down flat on my egos. I see children everyday been tossed up and down the foster system and there is not very much I can do to aid them. Indeed we are granted freedom of speech, but not freedom to be "actually heard and respected". Parents, guardians and relatives made to keep silent in courts session, dumb founded and mouth tied while  Children are sold off like pizza and burger. 

I journeyed to the middle east a few years back, and I was so much in disbelief of my America, seeing children die before me gripped my soul to fear. Starvation so rampant and shootings happening like sand shows. I was not safe at all, I could see the anger and pain in the eyes of these people even children, their eyes almost buried me in shame and I wish I had not been there. My America has done all these, for no just reason whatsoever but for the power, for the money and for the egoistic glory of draining shadows and graves so opened.

My America, I am happy not one bit, i am sorrowful for these lands, this government that has brewed so much sorrow like beer to kill in drunkenness of war and Children trafficking and many more agenda I am so not aware of. I can't beat my chest for you. 

My America, filled with so much broken families and Children in need of their family but deprived. i can not count the tears of many families here, in hundreds they shout, in millions they weep and dwell in sorrow beyond sorrow. I see the American foster system, the court system, the CPS monsters, and I say to myself, "Oh America, I can't beat my chest in honor of you". Our Children lost in load of scums, broken beyond repair, the nation has raised a generation of children who have been instilled with psychotropic drugs, I see children been sold off for trafficking and many more evil. Children dying each passing day in the hands of a protector who has become the perpetrator.

America would you rise from this pit thou has fallen to?, it hurts me to say it, but a country I have called mine from birth and proclaimed patriotism kills, molest, abuse and dismantle children who are supposed to be the future. I fear the fate that awaits my America, I fear the fate that awaits the innocent, for there is no justice at all and the law has become just a mere book, the main law is now money. You have gradually become the plague of many other nations and people and children, only evil is seen of you when you are looked with a microscope. Almost all citizens are in a deep sleep, not aware of what is happening, the evil the government and their institution have wrought against children and families at large.

My America, I hope I become proud of you in this my lifetime again, I have set my own pace to call you forth back to thine former glory, before all these corruption, I am working together with many like-minded to tear down your institution that has been corrupted, I am working every minute, every day to heal the tumor and cancer within your heart. I will ask myself just one question after I am done fighting for my America, the great people of beauty, and that question shall be "Can I beat my chest for America?" I hope the answer turns "YES" by then, but sadly, this moment my answer is "NO".


Keep loving your Kids and fight for their right to be loved by you!

Rpost; There is need for fresh eyes to see this and stand up to help.
Peace to you all,
( @kryptocoin )

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