'Cause right now all I feel is a Vast Sky and Ocean of Emptiness — Steemit

'Cause right now all I feel is a Vast Sky and Ocean of Emptiness

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This Piece is written through the eyes of another victim of CPS, A father in constant "drown" after losing his two children. A man who had failed at keeping a promise he made to his late Wife to keep their children safe. They were and are the only Thing that kept him grounded after losing the Love of his life, His children were and are the only Love he had left

I want to cry more
But tears are tired of being summoned
They are exhausted maybe?
My heart is torn and shredded
But my eyes are dried without a tear.

When you have cried
And tears runs far from you,
A damaged heart in pieces
Yet composed you seem
That is the way I feel now.

All emotions I have begun to lose
Most, I have lost in much beyond count
It seems I can no longer Love
I no longer feel like I used to feel
Now I feel more like a rock.

I am sinking in the deep Red
A sea stained with the blood of my thoughts
A Red Pacific where all i see is the water of remembrance
All red and damning still
I am a Rock and I am drowning deep.

They tell me to look at the sky
How it is blue and hopeful
Can I be hopefully vast like the sky?
When my sky is devoid of my Sun And Moon?
For my Angels have been de-winged before me!.

I cry without tears
I break without feel
I drown wishing I never float
I am tired living without my Angels
Shot down the sky and dragged off by those who say they Protect.

I need him back now!
I need to be human once again
My Daughter was the Love I felt
My Son the humanity I smelled
Anything to have them with me once again.

My heart still beats
Will my Sky ever be blue again?
Questions I ask all the time still,
I don't feel broken anymore neither dead
All that I am is a hollow-void

I would give anything in the world to feel Love again,
I will jump high to feel pain again,
Poke my eyes to get a real Tears again,
I would do anything to feel again,
'Cause right now all I feel is a Vast Sky and Ocean of Emptiness.

Families Over The world are being oppressed and children kidnapped by the government and made to experience the darkest side of this world.
Be their VOICE!!

Peace to you all,

This is an Original Piece by MakeBloom( @kryptocoin ) inspired by True Event and the call to help fight against the tearful and abused life children and families are made to pass through by the hands of CPS


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Well done. The poem speaks to me and stirs the emotion as a good poem should. Thanks @kryptocoin for using your pen to arouse the heart.

Beautiful, emotional and I feel the pain while reading.. ♡ much love!

Beautiful poem.