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A Letter To All Joe(s): The Train Of Graves.

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Dear Joes,

I know there is no such thing as the Train of Graves!, but you have to rethink my phrase over again and then you would know there is such a thing as the Train of Graves. Have you read my last three posts?, those are the only evidence needed to cut off the venomous bureaucratic entity called CPS and their nurseries(foster care system).

As I write this letter to you, a foster child is taking his Last Breadth and it isn't in the comfort of his sleep!. I am so angry, because it appears I can do nothing about it alone! Oh Gosh!.. That is how serious it is, but these facts are thrown off the table of the Legislators who are supposed to make and enact laws that favor the masses, children included. The cases are so much that simply talking about it upset everyone's inner minds, but we still sit silent and do nothing. Fellow Joes, the world needs you, the voiceless children need you!.

Everyday, a child in care is being abused and is laid in a coffin. The system is a Train of Graves! There is no other word that best describe them, they are a walking graveyard. It travels across all the American States and spans far from her borders. The train is picking up children forcefully from homes only to drop them off at a location they can never return.

If only we could hear these children's cry from their little boxes; the noise, the sounds, the cries would be like no other!. But as a fellow non-violent fighter wrote: "they are in a place free from all ills and hurt, they are free."-Troy

Instead of stopping the foster care system Train and cutting off the driver(CPS) so as to stop our beloved children from getting victimized and dumped in boxes never to see the light again, the government decides to extend their tracks, building more rail ways. I am super annoyed, irritated and sorrowful about all these.

Joe, Whose child would be the next to be Restrained to death, or die by battering, or by a gunshot, or by rape!. Whose child will be the next to go the way being strangled to death, septic shocked, drowned, stabbed, starved to death, suffocated, body slammed, dismembered, frozen, house fired, die by a slashed throat? I can keep mentioning all these without stop!.
Whose child will be the next to face this fate?

your neighbor's?
my neighbor's?

These questions are mind bugling but they need to be answered, because the foster care train never stops, it doesn't get satisfied, it keeps swallowing up innocent souls. How can we have Soul Reapers as Protectors?, Whose child will board this Train of Graves today? Joe, we are the last defense these children have. We are their only Santa Claus. Only us can give them the joy they hunger for. The CPS and the foster care system AKA "Train of Graves" need to be stoppppppeeeddddd....

With A Sorrowful Heart,
A determined Spirit,
With Hopefulness,

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I Love To Make Blooms And Children Need It More Than Ever

Peace to you all,
( @kryptocoin )

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