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To the reader, it is my sincere hope that this message finds you well. In the past, a few examples and guides have been presented to you all. Consider what is written carefully as it is not legal advice.

Freedom is an illusion

When freedom is an illusion was written the goal or idea was to demonstrate that humans are traded in some means like livestock. Also, that our mortality is calculated in the sense that the reserve in addition to another agency and a regulatory body, know approximately how much revenue they will collect off of you.

This was the goal of the series. It's not really conspiracy, just actuarian tables and brackets. This, for the most part summarizes the whole series. We all know the conspiracy that was lifted upon unwary citizens as fact from congressional records.

Getting serious about CPS, DHHS (or whatever your local agency is derived from)

First, dear reader it is never wise to state anything you cannot prove. This would be to insinuate that a wealthy group of people use CPS/DHHS as means for kidnapping children. This can never be concretely proven, at best children in this agencies care end up missing while some are never found. All the same disturbing.

Second, understand that this is a more local problem to everyone. Since we know all nations generally function under the world bank, it can be generally traced back to a local level (follow the fiat!). This is a fact. So, for the sake of theory we could wager that it pertains to families anywhere; the statutes and rights may differ but strategy is still solid.

Rights and immunities

In the US (and I believe Canada/EU/Australia), I believe individuals are granted immunities and inherent privilages. Others are rights to fair trials and prohibition of ** local and state governments ** acting in an abusive manner against its citizens. (Due Process alert).

Looking at why these aspects are important it will make this next part much easier. Which is here in the US, we can prove that states and municipalities get incentive payments (see previous CPS post); this is actually the cause of action in an deprivation of rights suit. Understand now, that its not really the elite. Its youre local municipality and state.

Under 45 CFR 302.24 and 45 CFR 303.107, it allows the (STATE, as it was originally intended) Dept of Health and Human services to enter into a "cooperative agreement," merely fancy name for a contract. They will then act as an umbrella agency to contract; lawyers, clerks, judges and even law enforcement. It also, specifies when contracts begin and end in addition to the order in which money is paid to the aforementioned parties.

sovereign immunity

So as we can see already, this is repugnant of rights and immunities and quite honestly doesnt fit within any constitutional clause domestic and abroad. One of the challenges in other nations is that rights are not always expressed on a federal and state level that compliment each other. This creates elements of immunity in different circumstances. (Another challenge, is that in Canada CFS is both state and federal statute vs just federal in US).

Here in the US, we cannot bring a suit against a state unless in some way the state itself waives the immunity (which is rare). When a municipality (county, judge, lawyer, law enforcement, agency, agency officers) enters a contract, the act waives immunity. Also, if the agency receives federal funding as a revenue stream or that the municipality profits directly from the act (state and federally) it also waives immunity.

In Monell v City of New York Dept of Human Services ( which sets a precedent) we learn you must prove three elements that;

1 you where deprived of a right
2 that was due to a customary or procedural process
3 that you suffered injuries as a result of 1-2

This case set a precedent as it allows a citizen to start a suit against individuals operating in professional capacity and municipalities. So, please do you're due diligence and read the docket.

....in a nutshell...

In a nutshell, my friend we have already arrived at the solution. 45 CFR 302.24 and 303.107, ****specify how local municipalities and agencies under the state will contract the opposition*** this is all the same in regards to many aspects of "family law," which can be CPS, or alimony or child support (the list is long) . Collapse it by demonstrating how you where deprived of your rights (due process and equal protection of law).

Lastly, do your research. Do not take everything ive ever said as fact, especially if youre intending to use it. Although it is all meant to be of the readers benefit, it is as stated, you must know the material for yourself. Arm youreself with these posts as if theyre 100 sided clubs...

My goal is to help human kind, to lift the burdensome rocks off of those that i can, reconstructing them to build something to all of our benefit.

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An excellent breakdown on how one needs to approach hitting back when they flex their might using their codes against them. I will definitely look into this more. A quick question.

It is not uncommon for courts to refuse ones evidence into record. What recourse does one have if they find this happening against them by a corrupt judge?


Usually, enter info into record by reading it aloud. If it is a federal judge remind them of their oath. Usually per rules you have to be allowed to enter exhibits, then during hearing you can enter exhibits as evidence... follow rules generally wont have issues. Good tool is pro se handbook, another is reading 28 USC (assuming its a federal case).

If they don't allow it state you'll appeal and win on its face ( if constitutional issue).