Step 2- sizing up CPS

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In step 1, I outlined some sample documents. These will come in handy to you as you embark on your fight!

SUING your county and TITLE IV-A,B,D,E Agency


Today is step 2, I will be walking you through "laws 🤣" that the title IV agencies pride themselves on. Before I begin i want to make 2 things clear, CPS and CHILD SUPPORT are nearly identicle scumbags. So at times you may hear me reference one as IV-A,B,D,E four letters for two agencies. And their provisions enshrined in Social Security Act. (Pretty clever, huh?)

Let's do a brief overview of our rights as citizens, because I feel many do not know what they are or what protections they offer. I want to emphasize that one needs to always act on them, not just when stuff turns south...

Your Rights as a citizen

You have the right of:

  1. Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness (inherent rights, more on this below)
  2. The right of trial by jury
  3. The right of due process (more on this below)
  4. The right to be secure in, papers, effects, persons
  5. Double Jeopardy: you cannot be tried for same "crime" twice
  6. Right to not offer evidence against self (self-incrimination)

Inherent rights are bestowed by Creator (sorry athiests), this means it is a blanket coverage. All citizens of this country have the inherent right to :life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. This cannot be stripped by any governing body and is recognized by UN and international treaties.


Now that we have rights out of the way, I need to explain to you a few things.

When a law is made it is signed into positive law, meaning it becomes enforceable. A provision which is defined as an asseveration sworn almost as an oath. Provisions are NOT laws. Don't get confused, don't let others confuse you.

And because CHILD SUPPORT AND CPS are not laws rather provisions, spells out some very interesting facts.

Example: let's say, CPS Agent A brings a sheriff to your house and tries to force you to comply (duress). And yet knowing your rights you do not, so they take you to jail.

So your hanging out in jail, playing dice or whatever they do. And somebody brings you to the judge. What you would say should be, what crime am I charged with? Failure to comply. "Well, your Honor. Bill of attainders are prohibited by our constitution both on Federal and State levels. And this has been a wrongful arrest, I demand to be released as my rights have been broken. "

Bill of Attainder is basically finding someone guilty due to a legislative act. It is prohibited in every state.

Researching the information needed for your case

First you will want to familiarize yourself with the federal CPS handbook. Inside the handbook as you read pay close attention to verbiage. How many times is service, services, services performed mentioned?

I'm going to cut to the chase and post snips of "law🤣" that will help you prepare for your complaint.


First, identify your respective state. Its good to know if your state functions at state level. Just good to know. But, all civil action needs to be taken against the county in which you live, NOT THE STATE.

building your deprevation of rights case - leg 1

Consider your complaint to be like a stool. It has three legs, you need to satisfy the burden of proof in three different aspects.

Aspect 1:

42 USC 1983

In order for your '1983' complaint to be valid CPS and Child Support must not be signed into positive law. Is CPS signed into positive law?





Therefore, you have established you where deprived of your rights under colour of law. It happened in some form or another. Child Support just starts taking your money, prevents you from seeing your child(ren). You had no way of appealing the decision (more in depth on this later). CPS violated your right and your child's rights, by giving an oath to a person in juidicial capacity in which you had no way to appeal or to be considered in any benefit to your case.

This article is very long already, so I will break it here and continue outlining your basis for conspiracy. That won't be very hard for you to prove.

Next time we will cover:

  1. 42 USC 1985 conspiracy against rights
  2. Cooperative Agreements (violation of seperation of powers)
  3. Contracts

Sorry if your eyes are glazed over, but PLEASE share this! I've been reading horror stories on Steemit, people need this information.

As always Im not a lawyer nor a law firm. I do not advocate you do not take care of your children, rather your Children are yours and NOT THE STATES.

50% of all SBD,SP, STEEM earned will be donated to @familyprotection.

** if you have any questions about terminology or whats this? Please ask in a comment

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Resteemed. We need more of this from the community and I thank you. The laws can be so confusing, especially given the posturing the CPS/Police/Courts take in these matters.

I already plan on self publishing in a couple of months on the CPS struggle based on what I have been learning here from the initiative started by familyprotection. This type of information could probably serve as a standalone guide. Have you considered self publishing this. Your grasp of the law is greater than most, and the one constant I keep seeing is the issue usually stems from most being ignorant when that knock on the door comes.

If you decide to self publish, please write up a post on it. I would love to give a shout out to yours (if you write one) in the one I will be writing that could act as a funnel of sorts, as I will be giving mine away for free.


Good idea, self publish. Can you explain more what that entails?

My plans after Im done is to write it all in a guide, start to finish. If I did self publish it would be free as well, everyone needs to see and understand this.

Thanks for your meaningful response @practicalthought


Hmm, there is a lot to self publishing, enough that I also plan on writing a book on that down the line. Without getting into all the different nuances, here are the easiest steps to take.

Write the book on Word. I gave up Microsoft Office and will be experimenting after my move with Open Office, but I am not sure it will be compatible.

You can either design your own cover, using a picture that you would purchase from a site like DepositPhotos. I am not a wizard with programs like Photoshop, so I used an online site (free) to make many of mine

You can also use talented designers for the cover on Fiverr for cheap, but make sure to provide your own picture as many of them use stolen pictures without permission.

Once you have the book written, put your table of contents in the front (Word compiles it from the headings) and you are ready. The easiest way to now get it uploaded and published would be to upload it to

They are an aggregator who will then get your book(s) on the various online book stores (Kindle, Nook, Apple, Kobo, etc). You can set your price. Now a word of caution here. To make the book free you will not want to pick for them to send it to Amazon. Amazon is a pain, and really tries to dictate how the market runs as they come closer to being the only platform daily. If you upload to them through D2D (or directly to Amazon) they frown on your book being free, disallowing it completely through the likes of D2D. It is a hassle even going direct and I advise against the hoops.

Then you can also upload it to sites like

They might charge a little, but I can tell you people do use it effectively as a funnel in collecting email addresses.

It has been awhile since I have self published, but there are marketing companies you can use to promote that will result in a good number of people downloading the book. The best and most affordable for this type of book would be

If you run into any difficulties just give me a shout. I don't do the discord thing, but you can ask on this old post of mine as it seems someone else was directed to it to ask me questions recently regarding self publishing. That way it doesn't disrupt anyone elses posts.


I will look further into this, very interested. Thank you!

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Jeez there's some helpful stuff in here. I am sick of the courts taking advantage of me and many other. Resteemed and followed


Thank you!

Friend, thanks for sharing, I'm sure this will serve many people, congratulations.