Another look at municipalities, how they transfer: property

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Last time we looked at municipalities we looked at 45 CFR 302.24 and 303.107... today we are looking how the municipalities transfer "property."

31 USC 6305

Under this code one can transfer property to local municipality, state, for benefit of the US government. So, let's rewind.

We seen in prior instances that through CFR regulations county can and "shall" enter into cooperative agreements (contracts). Which violates the rights of defending party, as is it an unbiased trial? No, no its not.

Under 6305 the contract is the legal instument*. So, this is how children or property is transferred to state or municipalities.

  • legal instrument -
    legal instrument states some contractual relationship or grants some right. It formally expresses a legally enforceable act, process, or contractual duty, obligation, or right. Additionally, a legal instrument evidences the act and the process of preparing a legal instrument or an agreement. For example, bonds and mortgages. A legal instrument secures a legal right.

So when they signed this instrument (contract) they deprived you of equal protections of law and due process. Understand, that many walk into "family courts" and get railed because they try attacking wrong parties. Attack the legal instrument, by requesting the instrument (contract), if an when possible. If its not possible, then... simply refer the judge to the appropiate case number.

By demonstrating due process deprivation it will collapse the entire case. Its grotesque to see CPS use these same tactics and insinuate that children are property. It was initially used for real tangible property like homes, cars, money.

Next time I will show you how youre induced into a contract. All the states advocates for helping families; are big players at inducing...

I know its short, but wanted to offer up last portion before we move on.