Alfie Evans: A Story of Medical Kidnapping

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Warning, this will not be a balanced, good to both sides article. I am angry. And I have zero interest in the excuses made by government and hospital officials in this case.


If you haven't heard of little Alfie Evans, color me surprised. My heart has been breaking for his struggle and his incredible parents for months. Twice this week I broke down crying at work for this child on the other side of the world.

Alfie is a young boy, 23 months old, less than a month from his second birthday.

Alfie is a victim of vaccine injury. He was a normal baby. Walking, talking, eating on his own.

As is so often seen on cases of vaccine injury he suffered significant brain damage from seizures. They called it a degenerative nuerological disorder. It has no name. Some think he has mitochondrial degeneration, but we'll never know.

before and after photos of little Alfie

After his reaction Alfie was brought to Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool. At first things went well. Alfie was kept under sedation to help with his seizures. He has been labeled as being in a "semi-vegatative state".

What does that mean? He could open his eyes, he could grasp a finger, he could react to certain stimuli.

But over time, things got worse. Nothing was being done. Alfie still had a temporary intubator instead of a long term, more comfortable and safer device.

No progess was made in diagnosing or treating the boy.

Alfie's parents attempted to take him to one of Europe's top hospitals, but Alder Hey prevented it, claiming it was a cruelty to seek more treatment and the child should be taken off life support.


His parents, a young couple by the name of Kate James and Tom Evans put up a fight. "Child Services" and the hospital decided it was time to take parental rights from these loving, responsible and caring parents and applied to the High Court to do just that.

That happend in December of 2017. Since then, Alfie has built an army.


Supporters from around the world, captured by this little family and their desperation to survive. Together.


Justice Anthony Hayden fought the little family time and time again, taking their son's life out of their hands. He prevented them from moving Alfie to a better hospital.

In early April Judge Heartless ordered Alfie off life support. In Thomas Evans words, "He is to be murdered."

On Monday the 23rd, Alder Hey staff removed Alfie's breathing tubes, claiming he would die in 3 minutes or less.

That hospital claimed he was so brain dead, Alfie wouldn't be capable of breathing on his own.

This little dude defied them. 6 hours later, Alfie was still alive. 12 hours. 24 hours. 48 hours.

Even though clearly living on his own and clearly struggling to do so, Alder Hey staff did nothing.

Police lined the outside of the hospital, making sure Kate and James could not defy the judge and "kidnap" their own child seeking medical care elsewhere.


Thomas looked to Pope St. Francis. The Pope himself interviegned and got Alfie an Italian citizenship! Hope at last! He could be brought to Italy, clearly the boy could live, and Italian doctors had treatment options they wanted to try.

Judge Heartless refused to allow Alfie to leave Liverpool.

Meanwhile the parents are doing mouth to mouth to keep their baby alive while hospital staff do nothing.

The baby refused to die. So the judge ordered his feeding tube removed. The baby cannot be killed by taking his oxygen, so starve him to death instead.

Nobody in power stood up for these people. Not one person thought to give up their control.

Alfie died this morning. 6 days after he was taken off of life support a pawn in a game of power.

Why would they do this? A child SO LOVED by his family, a child nobody wanted to give up on. Why would they refuse to let Alfie go to a place willing to treat him?!

Well, he would have turned 2 next month. At that point, had he been allowed to live, the government would have been forced to pay for Alfie's lifetime of care. His medical expenses, his special foods, even diapers.

Vaccine injury compensation would have begun next month. So they sentenced the child to die less than one month from his birthday.

That's one hell of an accusation. And yet here we are. A baby systematically MURDERED by his own country.

We CANNOT let this keep happening. These are our children! Alfie could be Inari, or Sparrow or Willow! Alfie is all of our children.

They have taken away our rights to save our own children and if that does not make you absolutely LIVID I'm not sure this was the article for you.


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I only recently came across Alfie and have been trying to find more details on his story. Most of the reports were vague, though, coming up short. This is the first I've heard mention of vaccine injury and suddenly things are making more sense.

It's bad enough that they are interfering with parent's freedom of choice, but I see they're trying to cover their tracks too.

This story broke my heart, just like Charlie Gard's story a year ago. There can be no balance when writing about such a tragic story. I have come to the conclusion that all that unbelievable cruelty of hospital officials and judges can only be explained by the need to hide the truth of what destroyed this beautiful child.

Unbelievable! Thanks for sharing. This is so sad. This wasn’t breaking news obviously because the government wants to keep the truth away from the public otherwise there would be a riot. Some many of these stories go unnoticed. As a follower of your blog, what actions do you want us to take?

This is slavery!
This level of cruelty is unforgiveable, killing a child just to prove their superiority, I feel so sad for the couple so young and beautiful. People in power should be those with soul.

I saw he passed but couldn't find details of what had happened with him that made it an international story.

This is appalling!

Blatantly placing profits over life, and a small child's life at that!

This isn't going away.

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the state is crossing boundaries, and has been for some time....

A reset is required...urgently

I can't even comprehend how people could be so cruel, and to not even consider changing their minds when little Alfie was defying the odds and surviving on his own... I can't even imagine what the parents must be going through right now...this is disgusting.

This doesn't make sense at all ... how can it be deemed "cruel" to try to search for alternatives, if the zero-option is to cut the life support and let the baby die? Starving the child to death sure sounds like cruelty to me.

One would believe the mission of the child protection services would be to act in the interests of the children - it seems pretty obvious that overruling the wish of the parents here certainly cannot be to "protect" the child.

The only counter-argument I can see is that they consider it better for the child to be dead than suffering. This logic commonly applies to animals, it's usually considered better to kill an animal than to leave it suffering - but humans, that's a complete different thing.

I hope there is another side of this story that I haven't heard.


They are too rigid. A lot of his problems come from seizures.

There is a treatment here (in legal states) called Charlotte's Web. Some types of epilepsy, even those where children are having hundreds of seizures a week, can be brought to a complete halt from the very first dose.

Many patients have shown a miraculous regaining cognitive abilities. One parent crying because at 10 years old she was able to "meet her son for the first time."

But heaven fucking forbid they try something like that for poor little Alfie.

This is so horrific and unbelievably sad that a government can allow this or rather that they instituted systems that actually murdered poor Alfie! I cannot imagine what his parents are going through! What happened to doctors' Hippocratic oath?
Those monsters will have to face God one day; Jesus said -

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.
Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!

My heart aches for all the little children and their families!

This story is unbelievable. I can't imagine the anguish of these parents. I remember so well when two of my children were in the hospital, not because of vaccine injuries though. There is no heart whatsoever in this judge and "so-called" legal system.

This story is so sad. God Bless Little Alfie! I can't say that all parts of the legal process are invalid but the parts that completely stomp on the parents' role in the determination of their little boy's fate is criminal. In a free society, a child's parents would be able to take him away from the hospital who refused too treat him and provide him withe life support he needed through private means while seeking appropriate further treatment. We all need to stand up for our rights as parents and avoid engaging this type of governmental dictatorship whenever possible as we will never win playing by their rules.

I am at a loss for words on this story. It cuts through my heart. I feel for the family. They did not get the help they needed. I am just sick.

How sad this story really is. I imagine the impotence that these parents must feel, and how the government was able to kill this baby, without caring about the rights of the parents to save their own child. I am really impressed by the level of cruelty of the hospital officials and the judges who participated in this case. Enough already this can not continue happening.

Sorry, i find no words


Totally understand. I had to go to my room and shut the door to write this so my kids wouldn't worry about why I was crying so hard.

The problem you are experiencing is that reality and what you think of as normal/good/caring are not the same thing.

Similar to how people say "Communism has never been tried."

The reality is, govern-cements own your children.
Well, they think they do. They have all the paperwork and laws on their side saying they do.

It is the reason CPS believes they can kidnap children.
They have the "moral" and legal right to do so.

It is the same with all the nanny laws. Restrictions on sugary drinks?

Proceeded by restrictions on using certain plants.
Proceeded by restrictions on using alcohol.
Proceeded by restrictions on using money.

It is what govern-cements everywhere have always done.
If you read "Oh-bomba-un-care" it says govern-cement has the right to decide if you live or die.

Voting will not help this. As everyone who has an R or D beside their name has already been corrupted to the core.

So, we shall start using crypto-currencies. And completely stop using fiat-notes. When the world has done this, the govern-cements will have no choice but to beg for finances. And when they beg, we can demand they do things appropriate with the money we give them.

Very nice warning...
Thanks for sharing...ades your post resteemit..and
I am @upvote and resteemit your post... best of luck

This story is so dismal. God Bless Little Alfie! I can't state that all parts of the lawful procedure are invalid however the parts that totally step on the guardians' part in the assurance of their son's destiny is criminal. In a free society, a tyke's folks would have the capacity to remove him from the doctor's facility who declined too treat him and give him withe life bolster he required through private means while looking for proper further treatment. We as a whole need to go to bat for our rights as guardians and abstain from connecting with this sort of administrative autocracy at whatever point conceivable as we will never win playing by their principles.

Just heard. He's past away. 😢. Government killed him in my opinion.


I wrote the article the day Alfie passed, it is mentioned in there.