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Know Your Rights Before the Knock On the Door

Late last year, my dearest friend Jane called me in panic.

She was just released from the hospital and at her door was a CPS worker, demanding to see her children. It was unsettling.

Jane was weak from the hospital stay, in comfi clothes, and in no shape to receive any visitor. Her husband was at work. CPS well knew that. But let Jane tell her story to you. Here is her account.

It is not an isolated event. It happens all over Texas, the US, Canada, Germany, Once Great Britain, France and Sweden day in day out. Protect yourself by knowing your rights before the mid-morning knock on your door.

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It all started on Tuesday, September 28, 2017.

I wasn't feeling well. Because I have no medical insurance, my only course of action to take was to insist my husband of 17 years take me to the hospital emergency room for treatment.

I mention how long my marriage is intact with good reason; CPS (Child Protective Services) likes what they perceive as "stability"-believing a good chunk of time spent together, married, represents just that. At least that is what they say. As we know, the CPS and their henchmen and women aim to break families apart, and steal children from their parents without cause or lawful authority. You see, there is a difference between legal and lawful.. But I digress.

I spent the next 4 days in the hospital being poked and prodded. Blood being drawn every few hours to process for labwork, monitoring the effects the fluids and vitamins and painkillers were having in my bloodstream. Typical ER protocol. The medical staff determined that I was undernourished. I had suffered from low-levels of potassium. I was depleted of almost all vitamins and electrolytes; all of those situations are bad for the brain -- dangerously so. It would be several months later until a new team of physicians and specialists nailed down an accurate diagnosis. That's a different story.

The Dreaded Knock

Back to my tale of woe with CPS.

There I was: back at home on October 1st, 2017. I was exhausted, out of energy and in desperate need of two days of recuperation. The state of the house wasn't, well...clean. Six days in the hospital left my home disheveled. My discharge from the hospital happened late at night. When i arrived home, I went to bed.

The next day, it is October 2, 2017. Mid-morning. Suddenly, a knock on the door. It was a CPS investigator.

"CPS? Why is there a CPS investigator here?", I pondered.

"Hello ma'am. I'm Kevil (name changed to protect my family from persecution).
"I'm a Child Protective Service investigator. May I come in? We have to ask permission."

I am panicking: "Oh God! My house is a mess! I'm a mess! Why is he even here?!!"

"Uh.. No... What's this about?", I asked Kevil.
"Ma'am, we received a report from the hospital concerning your labwork, and we understand you have small children homeschooling in the house..."
he stated.

*My children aren't "small". And, wait a minute... How did they get hold of my labwork? Aren't there privacy laws to protect against anyone getting my medical information? And how do they have it so soon? I haven't been out of the hospital for even 12 hours yet! My head is spinning.

Mistake 1

"So, may I come in?", he asks again.
"No. My house is messy. I haven't had time to tidy up yet."
"May I at least see the kids?" he insists.
"Sure", I say. That was my first mistake.

Must Know

Dear Reader, parent, caretaker!

Please know, you may refuse. Please know your rights before agreeing to anyting. Whether you think you'll ever need that knowledge or not: If you have children, protect yourself, and them by knowing your rights.

He saw my 2 children. After a few minutes, he appeared satisfied that they weren't in any danger, but then pressed on:

"I would like to come by tomorrow?"
"Sure", I said in my naivety.

As sick as I still was, I spent the next 24 hours scrubbing every square inch of the house. I baked bread. I did everything I would do when I am well, just to to make Kevil go away.

The Interview Trap

The visit went beautifully -- at first!

Kevil interviewed my kids. He even had to explain what 'discipline' was to my son. You see, my children have no concept of corporal punishment or deprivation of any kind. At the end of my sons' interrogation by Kevil, the CPS worker set a trap. He said, even he, claiming he was a Christian, would penalize his own children with physical punishment. My son starred at him and started to ask him Godly questions, to which Kevil had no answers.

Finally, somewhat embarrassed by my son, he said he was happy with the interviews. Suddenly, he turned his razor-sharp attention toward me. Like a sting of a wasp it hit me: Kevil requested to drop my my house me again, this time a female colleague.

"Sure", I said, though I had a weird feeling about this impending visit, with two of these people.

Case Closed - Trap Opened

A week passed. After several missed appointments, the same that Kevil had set-up and failed to show, he finally returned with his co-worker. He informed me that as far as he was no longer concerned with my children's safety and wellbeing.

"The investigation is complete." he said.

The case is closed. Kevil exited my home but left behind his colleague to visit with me. A young girl, barely a woman, she seemed nice enough. We talked about the kids, and the difficulties with homeschooling because of my health issues at the time.

That was my second mistake.

Never offer any information voluntarily to the CPS or any other untrusted party. DO NOT give MORE information than required by law.


Because everything you say can and will be held against you - without Miranda warning - and without court.

Suddenly, the zealous CPS girl pulled out a document and hands it to me. It's some kind of contract. And with a hardening voice, she encourages me to sign it. She insists that she was here to help. That the CPS was here to help. A promise to help, me and my children.

"We have resources, we can make a difference." ...her voice turning sharper.

I am feeling my anxiety levels rising and alarm bells going off.

Sure, all these "free" resources sounded fine and dandy.

But when I began to read the contract, my stomach started to turn.

She wants me to sign it. What I am reading here is this: Sign and commit to "at least 6 months" of total CPS control with harsh penalties for non adherence. First, at least six months is open ended.

Kevils colleague now eyes me like a hawk. Those terms. I am nauseaus. Listed are, among others, these actions:

  • Therapy (for what?)
  • Psychological evaluations (uh...who is to do the evaluating, and who determines results?)
  • Parenting classes (why?)
  • UA screenings (you mean a urine test?)
  • Ensuring my children attend day care (?!)
  • Being at home for both scheduled and unplanned visits from caseworker. ( a prisoner in my own home?)

Here is the contract Kevils eager partner handed me to sign:

Failure to Comply

Failing to comply with just this small sampling of over-reaching, unnecessary and no value-add rules would have me made me non-compliant, and thus in breach of the contract. This status then gives CPS "probable cause" to remove my children from our home, and tear our family apart.

Qui bene? Who benefits?

Set up to fail

Let's review what let to the CPS Investigation. What did I do that warranted a governemtn intrusion my home and personal life?

Is it now a crime in Texas to seek medical attention? How did CPS come into custody of my protected medical information?

Had the attending physician or a nurse given my medical history to the CPS? What laws did the hospital break? What laws did the CPS, Kevil, and his hawkish apprentice break?

I'm reading this contract. Line by line, it seems to transform into a state decree. Now I am thinking: this "contract" has been written for one purpose only: to "set me up to fail".

Just as I'm about to place my pen on the contract, a force snaps me back - almost as if my hand cannot physically touch the contract with my pen. Suddenly, clarity washes away the clouds in my head. I realize what this is: They are asking me to sign "at least 6 months" of my life toward obligations that are impossible to meet!

DSM: We are all Mental Cases

On what grounds is this CPS person whom I have never met in my life, a woman who doesn't know me, demands Psychological Evaluations?

Anyone familiar with the DSM's 5th edition knows: their "medical" textbook classifies anyone mourning the loss of a loved one as "mentally unstable". Why on Earth would I agree to having a psych eval from ANYONE working with or for CPS? It's ludicrous, the thought!!

Once A Bully - Always A Bully

I didn't sign the contract. Zealous CPS chick now gets on her phone and calls Kevil.

"She isn't gonna' sign the contract..No..I guess she doesn't want our help...

Kevils bulldog now demands with a rather cold voice two names and numbers of people who can vouch for me character witnesses?...

Ok." Wait, I thought the case was closed? What am I accused of? What judge ordered character witnesses?

I regret having even talked to this person who is now bullying a parent that was in a hospital, her husband not at home: Easy prey. Classic CPS.

Bully Tactics

The Weapon: Fear -- The Defense: Know Your Rights

Why is this bullying you might ask?

I see it like this:

CPS now demands to involve, and potentially harass two more people with intervies and uncomfortable questions - setting traps to get my children. I have comitted no crime. My children are well fed, clothed, happy and cared for.

Yet, the CPS is casting a wider net. I do not have many friends. Especially not people I truly trust. Even close family is not friendly - on either side. I don't want to drag other people into this awful situation.

Bulldog is not leaving without names and numbers. Alone, tired, intimidated, I finally give her the two safest names I know. For now, the Jekyll Island creature leaves. She also leaves me the 'contract,' along with her business card: "In case I change my mind."

Not a chance in this lifetime!

An Open Ended Case - Unlawul - Illegal

What about the case? Yes, the one that Kevil says is closed. I'm still waiting for my letter stating as such. I have not received a case closure letter. I therefore must assume that this case is still open? The law states any case must be brought to a close after 45 days. Let's do a little math here:

From and including: Wednesday, 18 April 2018
To and including: Tuesday, 2 October 2018

168 days

It is 168 days from the start date to the end date, end date included. Or...

  • 5 months, 15 days including the end date... That's also:
  • 14,515,200 seconds
  • 241,920 minutes
  • 4,032 hours
  • 24 weeks and
  • 46.03% of a year.

Perpetual lawbreakers, the CPS.

The power is not with the people, not even in Texas. It's in this case with the CPS, who care not about the well being of my children nor my family.

For now I have hopefully slipped under their radar, escaping Kevil's wrath.

Real Service Can't Be Trusted?

I know there are children in real danger, and I'd like to think they are getting real help, and that the agency isn't wasting their time and taxpayer money to screw people like me.

Yet, here I wait. Stomach in knots, waiting for one day, for the other shoe to drop. What would happen if they were to find out my husband lost his job back in February? Does that go in the casefile? Is judgement going to be passed without judge and jury? A new investigation before the closed one was closed? Is it closed, or not? I dare not to call and ask.

Some days, I worry all day long.

Other days, I seem to forget for a little while.
I just need closure, so I can go on with other things. I feel like I'm being tortured.
That's Jane's story, so far. I'll keep you all updated, when I receive The Letter.

with Love

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Thank you for reading.


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Oooo-I remember how incensed you were, when I told you they wanted the names of 2 "character witnesses! Thank you, @globocop, for encouraging me to tell my story.Thank you for your unwaivering support! And thank you for putting it out there for me...for us all, so that we may form an coalition of informed parents and caregivers. This has to end.

Thank-you both for sharing this story with us!
These stories need to be told and heard so that people can start to realize how dangerous trusting CPS can be.


Thank you and Mark through @familyprotection for continuing to bring all the stories of us who are affected by the protocol and policies and far over-reaching tactics of these agencies that claim to put family first, but who prove, time and time again, that they are trying to meet the "bottom line": kids for cash.


Thank you Linda. It is you and Mark that create tangible support through family protection and in your personal lives.

We shall not stop until they stop abusing our children, families and their power.

Thank-you @globocop for submitting this post with the #familyprotection tag. It has been UPVOTED by @familyprotection and RESTEEMED TO OUR Community Supporters.

"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

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That's horrible globo - thanks for bringing Jane's story to light.


Yes, it's not only Jane that this is happening to.
Please consider resteeming so people become more aware of these issues. xx

This post was upvoted and resteemed by #thethreehugs. Thank you for you your contributions and support of our community here @familyprotection.

Just as I'm about to place my pen on the contract, a force snaps me back - almost as if my hand cannot physically touch the contract with my pen. Suddenly, clarity washes away the clouds in my head.

What a miracle! The demons scream in wrath when their prey slip out of their trap, but sometimes divine intervention strengthens the weak to avoid the snare. CPS is full of "good intentions", but we know where that path leads. No good comes in the end. @ironshield


Well said - to add: Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.

Thanks @ironshield

Thanks for telling us your story, we need to end the endless intrusion into our personal lives. I wish you the very best with your struggle. I write Op-eds for Quniverse News. Would it be ok if I publish this story, I will make sure it remains anonymous if you wish.


Thanks for reading/commenting.
It would be good to add a @familyprotection section to your newscast. The problem is a geopolitical issue, and ties in with child trafficking, by globalist, technocracy and religious satanic forces and names of politicians at the highest levels globally.

Please do publish the story as is.

MSP Waves is launching a daily NEWS Waves program.
Perhaps we can join forces.


I will make sure your article is published as is. The cool thing about what we do is our online newspaper is totally interactive. You can scroll, zoom, and click links to access the original content.(google chrome works, seems to have issues accessing links with other browsers)
Heres a link to our interactive version.
Sorry If the qualities not so good we are just a bunch of hacks working from our PC's for free ATM but we are working towards getting better gear. We've been only going for a month and have 2700 subscribers on our youtube channel. I will look into what you guys are doing and get back to you. Feel free to use any of our content, changing the world shouldnt be copyrighted LOL.


Thanks @themissinglink1

The News SHow is not live yet. However, the format would be just along the lines as done by your audio/video presentation. We use OBS as our streaming medium. In addition, it is streamed to our MSP/PAL Discord channel for live interaction with the audience.

Happy Friday.


very cool, I am looking forward to hearing it. You know I woke up 16 years ago and have watched the world erode away powerless to do anything. It feels so good to be fighting back and winning. Remember this is the first world revolution. Quite a thing to be a part of. Strangest thing is its being fought with memes and tweets. The human race is totally bonkers. LOL


Yeah, I fled/was jailed trying to escape East Germany - eventually made it out in 85. SInce then, US, awakening bigly, back to Europe. Oppression increasing. Unbearable. Moved to Panamá. Free Speech. A Blessing.

It's unbelievable that kind of treatment... I didn't know there was something like that , I'm sorry to hear it. Where I live, that kind of "organization "doesn't work , and with what I've read, I think is better like that. Anyways, good luck @globocop ! Regards from Venezuela. The best wishes.


Thanks @andresfer
Latinamerica, being largely Christian, is not at that stage and hopefully will never go there. These things happen in the so called 'civilized West'... Even Russia protects the right of the parent and their children.

Waooh. Such a touching story. Sometimes, i wonder whether being too civilized is a blessing or a curse. If this is civilization, i vow to remain uncivilized. The responsibility to care for and protect the children lies with the parents and should not be subject to negotiation. Nature supports that too if anyone is in doubt. Let the family stay together under all conditions. The close knit relationship between family members; especially between children and their parents is the best child protection service i have known.


The enemy of life and liberty attack the foundation of society: families. They control/indoctrinate the future of society: Children. Sophisticated plan - but it shall fail. The human spirit of righteousness is greater than the evil that tries to destroy it.


Its quite unfortunate. But unity of purpose and dedication will among parents and the entire society will help fight off any attempt to deny these young ones the right and future they deserve. I will watch out on this wall to see how things develop. Together we shall win.

If they take away your children and put them in something worse like foster prison... That's horrible, there must be something done to that.

where were these people when I was a kid. I was left to be sexually abused, my dad let the utilities get cut off for weeks at a time in the dead of winter. No one gave a shit I guess in the 1990's.

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Just like Jane there are many people who go through that same situation. This is horrible. Thanks for sharing

in many opportunities we know our rights but they carry out totally illegal processes, violating them and flattening us with their power, in opportunities in spite of knowing them and having proof of them we can be victims of them in a ferocious way. I'm telling you this, since last Monday I'm working as a psychologist in the children's ministry and I even did a post explaining my experience, the truth is very sad to live without being able to do much