Malnutrition in Venezuela is killing Hundreds of People

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In the last few days I have not published anything, I have spent some time observing more closely the economic and health situation that my country is suffering.

A few days ago I took my son to the hospital, since I had a fever at night, as usual I took him to the hospital to be treated, but unfortunately the hospital does not have any medication and this is very serious because thousands of people take their family and children to be treated in these medical centers.

My baby, thank God, is very good since we had the money to go to a pharmacy and buy the medicine that was needed. But many people do not have the resources to buy these medicines.



Something that affected me a lot was the case of malnutrition that many of the children are presenting, due to the food crisis that my country is suffering, where basic food is not available and those that can be bought, it has very high prices and a Person with minimum salary can not buy.

The deterioration of the food, nutrition and health situation in Venezuela has deepened in the last 3 years, when indicators of food, nutrition and health have shown figures never before seen in Venezuela, with the emergence of phenomena that express extreme situations of insecurity food and hunger throughout the population, especially among vulnerable groups.

This has been manifested much more in communities with low resources, communities in extreme poverty that do not have the support of the government, these families see the need to go out to the streets to ask for food or in many cases eat directly from The trash.



Today, an article appeared in the newspaper, where the ONU High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, said that since last June they have received information about cases of deaths related to malnutrition and diseases that can be prevented in Venezuela.

In her first speech before the Human Rights Council of the ONU, the new high commissioner said that in the same period the denunciations of arbitrary detentions, mistreatment and restrictions on freedom of expression in the country continued.

"The government has not shown openness to a genuine accountability," he said, referring to the human rights violations documented by the UN during the mass protests of 2017, he said.

This shows the serious situation that Venezuelans live in the field of food, the day I went to the hospital I could verify this with my own eyes, look very carefully at the case of those families who bring their children with great sadness and pain to ask for help.



How unfortunate it is to know that this kind of thing is happening in my country and even worse that nobody does anything about it, dozens of people die every day due to malnutrition and the government is just standing with their arms crossed.

The year 2018 was marked by the increase in extreme poverty (74.9%), the scarcity of food (between 70% -80% in basic items), the increase in malnutrition and an inflationary escalation (500.0% ) that one year later it would reach the highest inflation in the world (more than 1500%).

Situation that has generated in the population a despair and that has as a consequence that millions of Venezuelans leave Venezuela looking for a better future for their families.

The diet of Venezuelans is severely compromised, both by the difficulties in accessing food due to a drastic reduction in the quantities consumed, the severe shortages due to the contraction of national production and the decline in imports, as well as persistent inflation (the highest in LAC in primary foods in the diet of young children, such as infant formulas and full milk), which have impacted the biological indicators. These show an increase of malnutrition in all its forms, of severe malnutrition between 2016-2018 and the loss of weight of the population in different strata, as well as the wandering of the hungry population in the streets of our cities and towns, poking in the trash in search of food, behaviors typical of famine situations already overcome in other countries of the region.

What can we contribute to achieve a change, as a Venezuelan I would like to do a lot but unfortunately I do not have the economic power to support these families in poverty, but here in the community of @steemit we can do a lot to help these families many foundations in Venezuela they need the support to achieve a change in our country, for this reason I hope to bring those people the support they need and I know that through this platform they will be able to achieve it.

I will use this information sale to bring all of you first-hand information about what is happening in my country, I hope I can count on your support for me in some way to help these people.

Freedom for Venezuela

A Universal, unique and eternal sentiment lived by millions of Venezuelans who fight for a better future every day, moving in one direction the change of a nation of a country with millions of people willing to give their best.


Venezuela Dies of Hunger

Thank you for your support and for taking the time to read my publication, have a happy start to the week.

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