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In humbleness, I offer the song parody, 'When Our Children Go,' based on Barry Manilow song, 'When October Goes.' As dreams and innocence withers from the stench of filthy lies, our children are a trafficked baby farm for the CPS. In voiceless cries, their years are enslaved, as they are taken away. When will apathy no longer live inside us? When will we hear their words penned in tears? When will we reach out and help them?

And When Our Children Go

I often wonder if the CPS knows the pain they put families through. Parents and babies are torn apart, compliments of the greed of our government. Dreams die and innocence is stolen. Their faces show the pain and tears. And yet, these children are trafficked away on baby farms, enslaved in baggage for the lives. The happy years of childhood are gone. Often their whole lives are wrapped in pain.

The moneyed foster home conceals their voiceless cry.


Yearning for the home that was taken from her, she scatters a trail of voiceless tears

It's Apathy That Lies

You would think the CPS would get a clue to the misery they inflict. Oh yeah, we are supposed to be conditioned to be used to it. It does not matter if the world is drowning in a cesspool of lying apathy. That filthy dirty apathy is a cancer that is eating away at the fabric of our culture...the bedrock of our existence... the family.

Oh, why must apathy live inside you and me?

The moneyed Foster Home

You would think they would be bright enough to know. But then again, the CPS may just be narcissistic psychopaths waiting to prey on the helpless and vulnerable. How sick! But look at the would out there and what we have become. It should not surprise us. God help our children.

Conceals their Voiceless Cries

Yet, they are imprisoned in a system of criminal theft. They cry for someone to help them. But the stone cold walls of justice are deaf. Judges are paid off in money under the table and lives are sold to the highest bidder. Nice tidy bonuses are paid as quotas are matched and exceeded. Money trumps mommy and daddy and corruption lives.

Their Hearts Are Penned in Tears

Listening to this writer, I think they must stop being melancholy on Manilow and join a pro-family group. I mean they are asking the CPS to not take our children away? What makes them think the CPS is going to listen? Perhaps they will reach them with emotion. (wink!) But, take real action, baby. The sentiment is good and at least you are not drowning in apathy. But join a pro-family group. Numbers are more powerful and persuade. Get the fire in the belly and stand for freedom.

I know! join @familyprotection and share your blog. Speak out for families and children with the lyrics you penned. Be a voice for the voiceless. I know that couch feels good. But with a strong group like @familyprotection, families can stay together and justice can prevail as children are protected. I would encourage you to put down the chips and support @familyprotection today as they blog for freedom.

When October Goes

It is getting colder and winter is not far off. The chill is upon us. Yet, families traumatized by the CPS face their harsh October on a daily basis. Society conditions you to suck it up and be conditioned. Yet, you never get over the loss of your child to the CPS. The crime burns a red October of criminal filth. Some families never find justice or closure. Where are their children today? Time does not heal these wounds. The special days are only a yearly reminder of the loss...and an anniversary of that painful memory.

There are some wounds that only heaven can heal.

The Video

I offer only one timeless recording. This is the original Barry Manilow song as recorded in 1984. This interpretation far surpasses other recordings out there. I pray the message from these parodied lyrics speak to your heart...as they have mine.

Now enjoy the song parody and be sure to support @familyprotection

When Our Children Go

And when our children go
The dreams begin to die,
In stolen innocence
I see their painful eyes.
The moneyed foster home
conceals their voiceless cry.
Oh, why must apathy
live inside you and me?

And when our children go
The stench of lies appear.
The trafficked baby farm
Enslaves their living years.
I write my blog today
Their hearts are penned in tears.
Oh CPS don't let our children go.

And when our children go
The stench of lies appear.
The trafficked baby farm
Enslaves their living years.
I write my blog today
Their hearts are penned in tears.
Oh CPS don't let our children go
I should be conditioned now I know
But families shattered, grieve... in endless woe
I hate to see our children go

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