The Evils That Unwind - A song Parody on Child Trafficking - Enjoy with Troy!

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In humbleness I offer a song parody. 'The Evils That Unwind' is a parody on the song, 'The Windmills of Your Mind' from the 1968 'The Thomas Crown Affair.' The movie was updated and remade in 1999 and showcases corrupt plan to steal a valuable piece of art work. In likeness The CPS foster care system schemes to steal valuable artistry -your children.I have tried to parallel the ironically fragmented and entangled web like style of the original lyrics.

Images we find in child trafficking

As January is National Human Trafficking Prevention month, I have focused the lyrics more on the concerns of human trafficking. It is ironic how the CPS child theft sold to third party traffickers mimics the 'wheel within a wheel' to a 'steal within a steal.' Through the kidnapping they can 'earn dollars from the womb.' And yes! You feel 'stalked' as 'they whirl lies and scenes that you trace.' The 'stench left behind of the strangers as innocence is discarded and replaced with sex slavery.

'Strangled voiceless screams' are only muted by the twitching of a hand on a Glock or means to end life. It is a travesty that it is the child that ends up dead rather than the corruption 'sickly government.' As many are 'slaughtered, stolen and scammed, it seams that justice takes way too long. When you are dead and hanging in a hallway, It too late.

The images we find speak for themselves. The original 1968 song was built on fragments of imagery, and so too this song parody. We listen to the images and hear. But how many year of human trafficking prevention months must go by before something is done? How many children must suffer and die at the hand of the CPS traffickers before we see an end to the EVILS THAT UNWIND?

The videos

I offer three videos to accompany the song parody. The first is from the 1999 movie 'The Thomas Crown Affair' with music interpretation by Sting. As I do like jazz, this is perhaps my favorite of the three. It is upbeat and moving, showing scenes from the movie. Th second is from Barbara Streisand. As I have upmost respect for the musicianship and ability, she does not disappoint. Her breath control and interpretation is signature of her style. I will warn you it is a slow moving heart felt rendition. Finally, for the purest, I include the original 1968 video recording by Noel Harrison. It seems a bit mechanical but I suppose there is a circular, intricate, mechanical aspect to the original lyrical message. Regardless which video you choose, please listen to the message of the plight children face in the trafficked world of the CPS.

Now enjoy the song parody and videos and be sure to support @familyprotection.

Sting 1999 Movie remake

Barbara Streisand

Noel Harrison Original 1968

The Evils That Unwind

Bound. like a stolen child that's trafficked , like a steal within a steal
Never ending or beginning and the pain is all you feel.
Like the fear that's ever mounting, where the apathy's immune.
Like a kidnapping that's earning, drawing dollars from the womb.
Like a stalker who is creeping, or the nightmare that you face
And the words that only grapple whirling lies and scenes you trace
Like the filth that's left behind, in the evils that unwind.

Like a foster home your thrown in to another of its own.
Or a room that's filled with stenches from the strangers that you're shown.
Like a door that keeps revolving, forcing sex upon the teen.
Or the laughter from the Devil, someone strangled voiceless scream.
Like a Glock whose hands are twitching pointing shadows of a face
And the judge that has their gavel whirling violently in space
Like the filth that's left behind, in the evils that unwind!

Children hunted down for profit, stories haunting in your head
Why is government so sickly, why do children die instead?
As they stalk and prowl for more, with legal stints upon demand
Tearful bound resistance coming from the slaughtered, stolen, scammed.
Bodies hanging in a hallway of a social work that 's wrong.
Those remembered names and faces, Why does justice take so long?
When you knew their game at last were you suddenly aware
That the CPS would sell your children off to foster care!

Like a stolen child that's trafficked , like a steal within a steal
Never ending or beginning and the pain is all you feel.
As the images we find, like the filth that's left behind,
In the evils that unwind!

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Wow you definitely were right on point outlining the evils of the CPS. This is amazing work. Sometimes I still can’t believe there are people out there that intentionally harm children or put them in harms way all for the glory of money. This saddens me deeply as a Christian and a mother. Thanks for sharing ~


Thank you as well. Prayers are needed for both families and children, but also that this evil will turn from their wicked ways. Blessings.


That's great!!! Two grammatical errors in PP. 2 "shone" should be shown and "gabble" should be gavel. Other than that it's f***ing incredible!!!!!


I made the corrections. Thank you so much my dear friend. Blessings @richq11


Good because that was absolutely outstanding