Flintstone Movie Clip And Commentary on The Foster Care System - Enjoy with Troy!

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Flintstone Family Christmas

I found this clip accidentally in the rubble (pun intended) of stone age videos. After dusting off the snow from the January clearanced frames, I realized I would have included it in my holiday line up. Oh well... better late than never.

The Scene

A caveless foster child (orphaned, following birth) holds up Fred. He poses as what may have been prehistoric Salvation Army Santa Bell Ringer. Fred identifies the child in a lineup of Santas and wants the book thrown at him. Stella, the staletite inner city social worker, appears showing her identification card and tells the story of a child named Stoney who looted and terrorized every foster home in Bedrock and was transferred from home to home. She says Stoney was so bad that even the most wanted criminals did not want him. It is Christmas and Wilma wants to take the child in. Fred does not. They eventually take him in.

Stella, the Social worker says the child was a criminal and impossible to place.

Stoney Holds up Fred posed as a prehistoric bell ringer

The truth

Yes, CPS foster care children do acquire emotional and psychological baggage from the system. But, in this scene, the child is the criminal rather than the CPS. In reality, social workers kidnap and traffic children for profit. They have governmental quotas to meet. To do this, they must break up families, terrorize parents and leave their littered waste upon the hearts of the innocent. Babies are scarred for life and nightmares play repeatedly like a Memorex tapes in the minds of parents.

The CPS is the terrorizing criminal, not the child.


In this video, it seams like children gets a bad rap. Along with them, Salvation Army Bell Ringers and those who dress as Santa receive a poor image. Yet, Stella the Staletite, is considered a respectable and trusted source of authority. While her name is fitting (the cave Staletites look icy if you ever saw one), I doubt she would deserve such trust or respect. After all, when did kidnapping become an honorable way to make a living?

Wilma, who would normally be cast as a wise person, seams to throw wisdom to the wind, in wanting to take on Stoney, the foster care thief. Again, I sense an Orwellian twist of role reversal.

As this movie was introduced in 1993, could this have been conditioning to eventually accept the CPS system that Bill Clinton sign as law as The Adoption and Safe Family Act of 1997? The elites often warn us of things before they do it through movies and music. It makes you wonder.

Pro-family Groups

Though I was unable to find the entire video on Youtube, I seriously doubt that Fred and Wilma got any Bedrock pro-family group to help them with this child. They probably received a handsome income from Bedrock social services for taking stoney in. But pro-family groups are so important when dealing with the CPS foster care system. The support, education and wise direction help parents to make good choices and deal with the intimation and lies of the system.

When a child is taken from parents, I recommend they get involved in pro-family group locally or through the internet. Folks like @familyprotection offer dedicated people who strive to defend the rights of parents and the innocence of children. They believe in truth, justice and freedom for all. I encourage you to support @familyprotection as they continue to help families who have a Stella enter their lives and only want freedom.

The Video Clip

This is a three minute clip from the 1993 animated movie, 'A Flintstone Family Christmas.' There are at least three other Flintstone Christmas movies out there, but this one follows them chronologically. It was part of a two for one review. Below is the video notes.

And your second course is 1993's Emmy® nominated A Flintstone Family Christmas, which gives viewers a glimpse into the later life of the Rubbles and the Flintstones. Awaiting the return of Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm (now married with children of their own), Fred and Barney encounter a criminally inclined "caveless" youth. Fred and Wilma attempt to instill values in the boy, only to find themselves with a most unexpected Christmas gift.

Now enjoy the video clip and be sure to support @familyprotection

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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

I was a Salvation Army Bell Ringer. As a kid, CPS tried taking us children from our parents. They didn't but it was still scary. And it happens. We were homeschooled in Oregon. This is an excellent commentary and illustration, Troy.

I sure it was scary. Children are not meant to be kidnapped by strangers, but loved and nurtured in their parents naturally. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Blessings. PS: I was a Salvation Army bell ringer/singer too for 5 years.

I can play some piano but probably not as much as you. Oh, you rang and you sang for the Salvation Army? That's inspirational.