Solutions and Ideas for the @familyprotection cause initiated by @canadian-coconut and @markwhittam

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I am writing this post in response to @markwhittam 's call out for ideas of how to help the @familyprotection cause ( I have been giving this a lot of thought lately and have written some of these ideas before.. Now the timing feels right for me to share them all in once place! There are SO many things that can be done, but we have to somehow choose the best ones and run with them. Wouldn't it be great if we can have many ideas that all fed into each other and support each other? I think it would, so i have come up with several ideas that all really do work together for the best bang for your buck!

Please do comment and give improvements, suggestions on these ideas if you have any! If we all band together on this I think we can really make some waves..

1. A Multipurpose Website Based on a Social Community Engine

I believe that having a dedicated website based on the Dolphin (Boonex) Social Community System would be of GREAT use! I have installed these systems before and this particular one is WAY better than Facebook (i think) and really perfect for what you are doing in terms of features and the layout. I would be happy to make this website for you! Here are the ways I can envisage the ways we can use this website:

  • A dedicated website would be a space where people can of course keep posting their stories as people have been doing on Steemit. It would open the door to MANY more people being able to share and have access to each other. The website can grow and develop in many ways, and it would be promoted actively as you will see in the next section.

  • I would also build in a support group network where people can host and find support in their local areas. Anyone who wants to host can create a group within this system and be found by parents in need and they can connect in real life. I believe we need support groups for this like we have now for A.A because they provide such an crucial role and real support.

  • I would also invite everyone who has posted on Steemit to repost their own stories on this website. This will give it an immediate presence and strong backbone to get started. Everyone has received amazing rewards on their posts, and so I'm sure they will all be very happy to sign up (For Free of course) and re-post. Steemit can keep generating more stories as we are already doing so this will keep growing.

  • This website would also be where you draw the attention of politicians and the like to see how many stories and people are involved in this. I think it would be MUCH better to show them that then any of the Steemit posts as its quite confusing here and they might get put off my Spammy Random Comments and the $ signs everywhere. A nice clean website which is dedicated to the cause is i think necessary!


2. Create Flyer's that will be printed out locally by #familyprotection supporters, paid for by a small upvote if necessary.

These flyer's will serve a few purposes and will have THREE calls to action!

  • Highlight the entire issue for people who are totally unaware

  • The flyer's will invite people to the website to share their stories and/or to engage with the community

  • They will have a pre-written letter included, aimed at a local Member of Parliament or Senator etc. It will have a clear statement that we write and they just have to address, sign and send. It would be easy for us to give all the names and addresses of MP's in UK, USA in one post on Steemit (or privately), we can find this information out very easily. We can basically spoon feed the process to people and make it as easy as possible for them to get posting letters.

  • There will be a link to a UK Parliamentary Petition ( or petition that we create with specific requests e.g an investigation into CPS activities.

3. Create a Powerful and Moving Video With Just the right Tone and message!

This video can be used for promotions and in various ways. You can pay to advertise this video on many social platforms such as Facebook, and this video can get very good exposure, targeted to wherever we want. This video WILL have a call to action at the end, which will be decided by #familyprotection. My call to action would be to invite people (in the UK) to sign a Parliamentary Petition AND a petition. Obviously we can do this for other countries such as USA, Canada etc and target those Ads to them.

(I may be able to help or even do this for you unless you have a Pro Video Maker)

4. Create Digital images that can be promoted.

This is much like the previous idea, and these images can have text on them with a powerful statement and image, and again a call to action. Its SO easy to do that on Facebook and reach out.. Hopefully they wont ban it.. which is why the tone, message and images need to be on point.

5. Twitter Campaign Make some noise!

I have personally seen the power of Twitter to resolve issues. These days our public appearance is more important than our private appearance! Twitter is one of the easiest ways to make a fuss and be heard and seen.. and at the same time get the eyes of very significant people. What I am thinking here is that several people will decide the best people to Reach out to on Twitter, such as Nadhim Zahawi for example. ( who just happens to be the Member of Parliament for Stratford-on-Avon and Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Children and Families. He would be a good person to send public tweets to wouldn't he? I want to be clear also that I am talking about well thought out, rational, inspirational comments.. and NOT trolling!!!! Since he is the MP for Stratford on Avon he would be a perfect MP to send Tweets to.

With a bit of thought and co-ordination you could choose one person each week and send enough people to comment that it will surely raise some eyebrows! All we need are some good comments written to them!.. and the right people to send them to.

6. Start a Petition With and the UK Parliament (and other countries if they have this process)

Starting a petition that gets a lot of signatures can be a really powerful step. in the UK when you have 25,000 Signatures then you get a response from the Government, which means they took notice. IF you reach 100,000K signatures there is a good chance they will debate it in Parliamant. All we need is a clear request and a good petition and this can have a powerful effect. We would definitely spend to promote this on all the media because then we can virtually guarantee a LOT of signatures because we have spread the word around. The more you spend, the more signatures you get!

Getting noticed on is amazing because it is Global and quite well respected. If we were able to drive enough people to vote and support it this will surely have some positive effects !

In closing I would like to say that the most important thing is not just what we do but how we do it. Keeping the tone right is SO important, and so is co-ordination and organisation. We cant just let 50 random Steemians run off and start Trolling politicians as that will just work against the cause. We have to be rational, intelligent and very smart! Then we will be noticed for the right reasons.. a BIT Like on Steemit! ;-)

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Governments around the world,
are using "Child Protection Agencies"
to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes
or put up for adoption.

Thank-you @eco-alex for supporting @familyprotection

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I support your post. I live in Europe. This is a problem not only for US families, but also for many families in Europe. Especially severe laws for parents in countries such as Norway, Denmark and Finland. In these countries, even tourists from other countries can stay without their children if they have violated the law. Sometimes children deserve a little punishment. Parents do not already have any rights! They are dictated by the terms, how they should educate their children.

wow, thanks for sharing this.. I can hardly believe what you say about tourists even being potential victims of this.. Who are these people to say how you should bring up your child.. We choose our priorities.. so long as they don't do actual harm (not perceived harm) ...

Unfortunately, this is a terrible situation. I live in Bulgaria and with my family - two children, I do not want to travel to countries where there are such cruel laws for parents. On the Internet, there are so many horrible cases when the family went on vacation and was left without their children. Even in three families from Bulgaria there is such a tragedy. These families traveled to Spain at different times. Children behaved badly and parents raised their voice and applied very little physical punishment so that children behave correctly. The Spanish police immediately took their children from them and then these children were given to foster families of Spain. For 4 years, Bulgarian families can not return their children. Such laws are simply a catastrophe for both parents and their children. Children receive psychological trauma for life. Sorry for my bad English.

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Awesome, this is great. Also, imagine a platform that connects families together, strictly families. Where they can share opinions, check up on each other, watch videos of their daily activities and keep the fire of love burning irrespective of their geographical distance from one another . I think this idea could really help your work. Well Done!!!

YES tomkol, Great ideas for the website.. And all that is very possible!

Thank you for responding to my challenge!

I am convinced that @familyprotection is on the right path and with the right people brainstorming then we are going to be unstoppable!

I like your ideas and your drive!

very happy to support you mark, and of course linda and the whole FP family .. i know ill never understand what you and others have been through,,, and i know this is a cause worth a Lot of time and energy. You guys will do amazing work in the long run, esp now you are starting to get the ball really moving...


I really like this post we need more action.
I am already handing out flyers been doing it for weeks. Mine aren't familyprotection labeled though.
I suggest all flyers tell people their rights as most do not know about the one party consent laws and recording them is ideal.
Also we should find other former kids in care in every province to do what I am doing.
I go looking for the people CFS (CPS) broke 5 days a week.
We should find champions in every province
If everyone just told their story once it would not be as powerful as building up networks that can properly weaponize information as well as figuring out who is sexually abusing or exploiting the kids in care and keeping a database on em.
There needs to be an #antitrafficking tag/handle.

wow, .. what dedication. That is Such a good word to use, Champions! Yes we need Champions to support their local areas... and in so many ways...

Thank-you for some great ideas and your offer to help out this initiative with your skills.
We will figure all of this out. It is happening. The vision is becoming clearer all the time.

Hey Brother!
Great to see you not only meditating on this but ACTING on it!
Very helpful of you to not only share these ideas but offer up services for this worthy cause.
I too have a lot of ideas and also skills that can benefit this project of which I need to make a post about I just am already taking care of so many people and have so many projects going that I haven't made it a priority yet.
This post helps remind and motivate me!
Great Job Brother!

Yes! Quinn!
Your knowledge and experience of this subject is worth its weight in gold!

We would love to have your input as I believe you are without a doubt the most knowledgeable person on steemit when it comes to actually dealing with the dreaded cps face to face and making them leave with their tail between their legs!

I hope you find the time one day..... In fact I've been waiting patiently for that day to come =)

Peace Brother!

Wonderful to hear, it motivates me. I know I have so much to offer I am just so occupied with the MANY people I am helping every day and the many projects/businesses I run...
Pondering now how best to help.....For one I could make a post outlining how I can help/what my experience has been, but I feel the BEST way I can help is to provide some kind of consulting/conference call or something for people in difficult situations as a post will really not help that many people....I have been doing this a while and even when i provide valuable info most people cannot find it nor apply it them self, they NEED HELP.

I dedicated my life to helping people a long while ago so am happy to do so, though now its about how to do it most efficiently....


This is great and fits in perfect with my coming proposal, I have sent you a copy of a white paper on S.Chat

Let me know what you think buddy!

How did you know Im meditating on this!? =) its true this whole post came to me in meditation this morning.. oh you cosmic man!

feel free to mention your ideas to me and maybe i can assist you in manifesting them. I am helping mark and linda now as i have the time and this is a Very worthy cause!!!

hahahhahhaa I can FEEL you BRO!

Thank you for this information. Really helpful to millenials like me. Keep posting

Really you're giving a good information sharing with us D: @eco-alex
Thank you for this post,,

I used to write press kits to present basic info to the media. I'd be happy to help with this. My plate is a little full, so it might not be fast, but I'd be glad to help.

GREAT!! that may be very useful to FP .. i think there is no rush.. things are happening at a comfortable pace!

Awesome! I'd be happy to help them. Someone will just need to contact me to get the ball rolling.

Was against the idea of a separate website at first but as soon as you mentioned about it being "clean" it made total sense. I do worry that people are creatures of habit and to try to get people(Target audience especially) to use a separate site, can be an uphill climb. I know that sounds lazy but I've sen it happen.

Absolutely love the idea about the flyers with a re-postable message on them, that is genius! I have a colour printer at home and will make a start on this right away. In ref to your point about Petitions, I would gladly sign any petition about this subject. Sadly I have no faith in that doing any good. There is an Inquiry into child abuse and you can't get much higher than that, but yet we will get no justice from that because the power to investigate has been given to the gov. The petitions will just go in the bin. They are the ones causing this, so we can not rely on them to be honourable in finding a solution(Far to many conflicts of interest). Mass awareness, leading to a situation of 'no support, ultimatum'.
Sending them a rhetorical notice, I would have more faith in, rather than a petition.

The promotional video idea is very valuable tool to have. I've created some for Lawful Rebellion(At a very amateur level) before and they do gain a lot of support. Just take a lot of time to edit. Here is a couple of them. Will try knock one up for @familyprotection. Cracking Ideas in this post and very well thought through. Big respect for your efforts here.

Thanks for your comments and input! Thats great that u can make videos! Maybe u can help when the time comes..

It's just a hobby but I am happy to give it a go. Good luck with taking this post to the next stage and always here to help.

These sound like great steps towards raising the level of awareness needed to reveal the corruption of CPS to the public and hold them accountable once and for all. I wish I had more to offer this cause. I do have graphic design skills I can offer if posters or other graphics are needed. My time is limited (with 8 month old twins keeping me very busy). But I do believe in this cause and if ever there is something so can help with I would be happy to volunteer my time. -Aimee

Thank u! When the time comes we will see how u can help!

These are all amazing ideas. Thanks for your input and support of @familyprotection!

Hey, Matthew here, I know Aimee is usually the one commenting but I follow along too.

I'm just going to throw an idea out, not sure if it is any good. What do you guys think about hiring private detectives in some instances? Some of the leg work could even be done by the community. A lot of these predators in CPS have a lot of skeletons in their closets. We all know how vampires can't stand the light shining on them.

Once the dirt is found, "anonymous sources" could leak it to the internet and media. Look how many in politics and the entertainment industry are getting an attitude adjustment right now due to allegations of sexual misconduct.

Mm Interesting idea! Ill pass it on to FP for consideration! Thanks for ur input!

Love that you are getting involved and thanks for bringing my attention to @familyprotection and their cause. I really like the idea of using twitter as a means of getting the message out. In today's social media craze twitter is one of the fastest ways to get a message to a large number of people.

I think that you hit the nail on the head with the last message, its not what you do but how you do it. A clear focused team is much more important than a bunch of individuals without a clear agenda. When a group is organized and has a clear method of operation, much more can be accomplished

nice one! you Understand! ;-) The power of Twitter, WOW.. people dont realise what you can do with it!

definitely. All you need is the right timing and the right eyes to view your cause. I once saw a guy (not well known, just a regular dude) get his cause taken up by Joe Rogan because he constantly tweeted at him. Joe Rogan is probably the most influential podcaster in the world right now, so it was amazing to see how much happened after he gave the man some recognition for his cause

Great article @eco-alex it's great to see your working on this project and your all ideas are very impressive. Wish you good luck and you'll always have our support.
Good day..!

thanks @cyberwarrior .. Glad you like these ideas !!!

Woah very inspiring! All these steps we can take and tools available to us! Thank you for sharing.

@eco-alex Smart Thinking!! this is what a community like @familyprotection for good cause actually needs to support families apart from donations. I am glad you put smart effort to write this.

I personally believe trying Twitter Campaign a great idea to make the service popular and get support from good people.

Wow, it is a very great idea you have there, reporting our work we made before on Steemit into that platform would make a whole lots of sense

Family protection is necessary for each person .what the happening and doing it's keep info is necessary . Your idea is great sir .
Have a nice life families.

i am agree with you.

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Great one the post,,really very good imformation
Thanks fo sharing @eco-alex

This awareness on family protection is really awesome i like it.. It really needs thee world to listen and take some action. Am definitely taking an action to promote familyprotection soon.

posting that sagat useful. I love to read it and I have to learn from you

The idea is excellent. My additional proposal for your idea is to create a platform that will integrate the capabilities of Steemit and other social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. The possibility of Steemit - payment for articles, Facebook and Twitter opportunities - attracting advertisers who will additionally give money to Steemit. Naturally, advertising should be of good quality. It will attract more people to your platform. Everyone knows that in Facebook and Twitter many users try to attract the attention of advertisers. This would be good for your idea.

Sangat menarik, terimakasih atas segala informasinya @eko-alek.😀

Great movement

What will be asked for in the petition that you want to present?

well it wont be me presenting it .. but that detail has yet to be decided...

thanks I say to you who have bothered to create a new website that will give many benefits to everyone, I like your hard work thanks, your post is good

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I REALLY like this idea: 1. A Multipurpose Website Based on a Social Community Engine

I am so overwhelmed with all the posts and no way to compile the information I need for various outreach methods. Was so overwhelmed I thought I better at least start a blog protect info so I can find it later. but your solution would be much better and benefit the greater good than my personal blog for my use.

If we could sort out the "countries", sort out the CPS stories from the "future planning" aspect focusing on making changes and monitoring outcomes.... we will win much faster.

These are good ideas, but it would be wise to remain on the blockchain.

Websites can be shut down, but the blockchain is forever.


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

websites cant be shut down if you OWN them ;-) but yes the blockchain is one avenue.. but we have other avenues also

Yes if we host a site on a local machine, then we own it. Otherwise we rely on a third party to host it for us. @ironshield

Right. Also this would be something different to blockchain work.. its more like a public face and exposure.. much of it backed up on blockchain but also many networking features that dont need to persist

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Third party hosting is fine because we have
Everything including db backed up locally. U can restart the whole thing on a new domain and server in a few hours if needed!

good work. love to read your post. thanks for sharing

That's a really Good Information Of Life.

I appreciate your post

Dear Please help to upvote if you like

Stop begging for upvotes

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Thank you for your support of @family protection

Your ideas are great @eco-alex - I particularly like your idea of a website, especially the support group network :)

these solutions are Great @eco-alex and the fact that you are willing to start up that website is fantastic, this is just what this great cause needs. And you are so right in taking about keeping the tone right, I put forward the idea of using guerilla cinema and bringing the message to the streets, any video made could be brought to the masses using this technique.

I like their exhibitions especially reinforcing the idea of ​​creating a multiproposito web, especially because not all people feel comfortable telling our stories at the public level but if receiving help, even if it is an attentive listening