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Hey guys, I wanted to talk to you all a little but today on a human level.
If you are anything like me, you want desperately to do away with our current broken economies, our worthless fiat currencies and our privatized government system, I want to tell you we need to believe in it strongly. Ask every teller if they accept steem at their store. Ask every friend if theyve heard of ethereum or bitcoin. We need to keep the hype going and scale these technologies.
Otherwise we are at risk, as a planet of continuing down the dark path of debt and despair. Together we can make this world safe for our children to grow up and be secure.
We need to stand up together in solidarity to end practices disguised as civil services that are in place to continue to create fear and doubt in people who dont know how their governments are supposed to operate.
Take the child protective services for instance. To call them is to take away any chance a child has at success the way it’s currently operating. There are kids in homes they dont belong because we privatized and turned the cps into an industry. A money sync for bad people uninterrupted. Without transparency and decentralization this practice will continue. Without community like @familyprotection the voices of the people affected by these industries would still have nowhere to truly turn. So we need to show more people this particular community.
Know that they are not here to make money. They are here to spread truth and help children.
Try to take advantage of them you are a disgusting person.
People look out for one and other, we’ve been tricked into thinking that money needs to be involved. Community is more valuable. So here is a call to @curationguy to make @familyprotection an smt community strong enough to make a difference. @ned something beautiful has come forth from steemit. I believe its time you acknowledge them and give them a platform to work with, @platforms @theuxyeti @tjlake @foxon @jerrybanfield @aggroed @blockbrothers if ned doesnt hear my call will you? Im sick and tired of seeing good families being destroyed and not being able to truly call anybody when you see a kid who may need that call to be made, without being 100% what your doing is right. It makes us idle to the problems going on.

So every piece of sbd earned on this post will be donated directly to @familyprotection we need to get them the delegation and sp they need to get their messages out to all of steem.
Here’s a #familyprotection art I drew.

Please consider resteeming this. Thank you!

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Thank-you @dizzyjay for submitting this post with the #familyprotection tag. It has been UPVOTED by @familyprotection and RESTEEMED TO OUR Community Supporters.

"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

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All sbd earned on this post belongs to you @familyprotection . Eventually as my userbase grows I will have enough sp to delegate to you and other steemians so its fair to me to donate sbd and keep sp powered up for myself for using steemit and future delegations :)


I just realized I should not have inverted the P next time I do a big @familyprotection blog I will have a much better updated version of the sketch. Any post I make in solidarity to you will have all sbd from. Your community means alot to me, and if my worst fears are ever upon me, I know I have you to reach towards for help. So thank-you for existing.

You're spot on.

The only way things will change is when we not only speak up, but KEEP speaking up.

  • Call out the atrocities.
  • Make it very clearly known where the loopholes were abused.
  • Let people see the damage that is being done.
  • And yes -- ask the vendors you work with or interact with, "Do you accept STEEM?" If you're working with someone private, "Can I send you some STEEM instead?" or "I accept STEEM."

People need to understand they aren't just complaining about what "seems unfair" or "complaining" because they got the raw end of the stick. NO. People need to understand we are raising our voices for a REASON!

These things are constantly happening and people are tired of having families HARMED due to:

  • forced separation (children taken away under false pretenses)
  • drowning in administrative red tape that is designed to keep you trapped
  • paying for the costs of legal procedures that never had to happen to begin with
  • having finances drained because of all of these processes
  • emotional and psychological trauma to parents and kids these processes cause

The only people I see getting rich off this are the various agencies, officers of the courts and lawyers.

Remember: NOT ONE DIME you're forced to spend on these processes (outside of child support) actually goes to your kids! NOT ONE DIME! When you ask them to explain how this is in the best interest of your children -- you won't get an answer.


In my next familyprotection post i will attempt to go deeper into the points you’ve mentioned. Thank you. Ive screenshot the comment because it was exactly what I needed to read.

True we need to keep our eyes on the prize which is helping families and children. When we see they are being helped we know it is working and we are stomping out evil. I enjoy your artwork my friend. Blessings -

This is a powerful, true and much-needed message @dizzyjay and I believe the Steemit community supports your endeavours, as do I.

Together we can build a better world for ourselves, our families and all of humanity!

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You go my man..Call em all out! The more we "Screem Out" our message the closer we will get to being a powerful force to be reckoned with! BTW, I love your sctech! Resteemed