Hi Steemians, i believe you are all doing good. A lot has been going lately for me,i was robbed some nights ago and i lost some valuables,it is quite devastating but i am recuperating.The aftermath of the event has constrained me from being steady online but whenever I come online briefly, I am usually inspired by the work I see other writers of the @familyprotection community doing. I applaud everyone of you,keep up the good work,we can not stop nor be stopped, we must win! The abomination called CPS must be stopped.

Today I'll sharing about an amazing personality ,she was a prominent conservative political activist. Throughout her career as a political activist she proudly,radically and frontally stood and spoke against the department of Child Protective Service. After four years of intense investigation, she published a report on the 16th of November 2007 titled "The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Service" . She lost her place in the senate because of the published work and report has it that her murder is connected to her stance against the CPS. She was more aware of State-sponsored kidnaps than any other politician in the United states.
That personality is none other than late Senator Nancy Schaefer who was murdered March 2010. In this video below,she shares about her findings about the corrupt and polluted department called the CPS. Please listen to her words carefully.

This is one woman who stood boldly against the government sponsored kidnappings unit called the CPS,in this fight she lost her seat in the Georgian Senate and later lost her life. I am so inspired by her actions. This goes to show to us that this is a cause worth fighting for and we should throw ourselves into it. CPS is the devil's machination and in Nancy Schaefer's word has to dismantled and a new system that will truly protect our children be established.

I want to applaud the distinguished @canadian-coconut and @markwhittam for their determined poise to put an end to this menace,in that bid they created this community. I would called out to everyone to personalise this cause and pursue it with all diligence and passion.

In my support to this cause, I hereby pledge 30% of the earnings on this post to the @familyprotection community. Thank you all