My Best Friend hasn't set eyes on his Son for five months

in #familyprotection4 years ago (edited)

My best friend is currently facing the biggest dilemma of his life right now. His marriage has been unstable as a result of an affair he had with another woman. He and his wife would often quarrel and sometimes it resulted in a fight. The wounds of his previous affair was tearing deep into his marriage.

They had a baby child together. This was the bond keeping their marriage together at this time. But he would sometimes get caught in the heat of the fight.

Child Protection Service came and took this child away from them. Its been 5 months now and they've not been able to get their child back. They have worked out their differences. They went through therapy and are okay now; But the Child Protection Service has refused to return their baby to them.

The mother wets her pillow every night for her lost child. This has become an even deeper wound that any other.

The destiny of that baby is in danger. Growing up in a foster home can totally rewrite the future of that child.

I am using this platform to call on all the agencies that are out there to please intervene in this case. My friend has grown from bad to worse as a result of this incident. He blames himself for everything. He once told me that he was thinking of commiting suicide. It took a lot of encouragement, counselling and monitoring from my part to talk him out of that idea.

I really hope this message gets to the right channels. I'm wish that @familyprotection @markwhittam @canadian-coconut and anybody that can help, please help him get his baby back.



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Without a doubt it is very sad what is happening to your friend and especially the social services do not consider that by keeping the family away cause irreparable damage. You could give your vote in my first publication

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