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Hi friends, hope we are all doing fine, today i want to share with us about a common trend that exists here in the part of the world where I hail from.

In Igbo land there are five states which include: Abia, Imo, Anambra, Enugu,and Ebonyi state.

There is this common trend that exist here in my place (The igbo's), i can't say for all the igbo states actually but my own part which is Abia.

This trend is mostly amongst the "NGWA" people of Abia state.

Now in my place a woman who haven't given birth to a male child is termed "incomplete".

Women who have only female children don't have peace of mind, because it is said that there marriage is never secured as their husband's can leave them and marry another woman or have pre-marital affairs in a quest to get a male child.

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This issue has scattered many home as there have been cases of men marrying more than one wife or sending their wives home simply because of not having a male child.

The worst thing that would happen to any woman is being in this condition and not being in good terms with her mother-in-law or her co-wives.

The gossip, the mockery, the abuse is second to none.

I could remember one man in my village who kept on marrying till the fifth wife simply because they were all giving him female children till he decided to give up and focus on his ten girls before their number keep increasing.

This is done due to the fact that when girls marry, they live their father's home, change their surname to that of their husbands.

This makes it that when there was no male child, the family name dies.

Thank God for this century, actually some men have decided never to allow this worry them like the case was in the previous years rather they support their wives and make them no that they are not interested in sex of the child as children comes from God.

For me i would say that the girl child is as important as the male child and both should be appreciated and recognized.

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Now in the society we have lots of women who are in top places and are very successful

This is no longer the era where by the girl child is not allowed to study or only limited to certain courses like it was in the days of our fore-fathers.

A girl child has all the potentials to become relevant in the society when given the opportunity and all the training desired.

Most times in a family, the girl child has more potentials of being successful than the boy child.

This is not to say that the boy child doesn't have great potentials but my emphasis is that the boy and the girl child are both precious gifts from the Lord.

And should be appreciated whether as a parent you have only one gender, give your child the best training you can and you would see that whatever a boy child can do for you, the girl child can also do for you.

As for the issue of family name dying, even if you have only female children your other siblings can have male children who can take on the family's name.

You may say what if the father was the only son of the parents, no that one day this world will come to an end and even if the name stops with you alone, then so be it.

Let's stop making our mother's have sleepless nights because they do not have a male child.

Let's stop making them feel like they have no place amongst their peers.

Kudos to all the men out there who has changed their orientation about this.

It's all about the mentality, let's change our thinking!
Let's make the world a better place!

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What can be done to stop such pressure on the couples who has no male child.


If the guy decides to see it as nothing and stand by the wife despite people's talks there would be no pressure because the woman would be relaxed.

Thanks for sharing this I tell you @cherylsonty A Female Child is worth more than 10 sons.
Every parent should embrace every child giving to them by God.


Don't be a feminist mbok

We are equal biko


What is doing this one now ?

Every child is precious mbok
Girl or boy
Cherish anyone you have.

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Yea very correct.

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Am very grateful, thank you


You are most welcome my dear!

This is pathetic, traditions and male egos need to be brought under control!

I am the IV and all my life I expected to have a son that would be the V. It wasn't in the cards and I am perfectly ok with having a beautiful daughter. I wouldn't trade her for all the boys in the world!


May God bless your baby and may her light so shine that men may give glory to God.

nice post @cherylsonty

And should be appreciated whether as a parent you have only one gender, give your child the best training you can and you would see that whatever a boy child can do for you, the girl child can also do for you.

The male gender is not any better than the female neither is the female better than the male. Personality and success is not gender base. What parents should learn to do is to train their children rightly and equally irrespective of gender

Nice write-up @cherylsonty

This is simply machismo and unfortunately is fed by the society of which you are a part. Only to change it there is education and openness