Silver Raffle - Week-2 - Raising funds for @familyprotection (updated)

in familyprotection •  15 days ago

Welcome to the 2nd week of the raffle and it looks like we are off to the usual slow start. Nevertheless, we carry on regardless an hope for the equally predictable upswing.

So far the total raised by raffle entrants is 10-STEEM & 3-SBD. I also have my post payout to donate back to the cause and thanks to some very generous voting this should be around 14-STEEM(According to "post-payout" approximation).

Here is a list of raffle entrants at the time of writing this post.

@trucklife-family x 3
@beautifulbullies x 1 (Donated by @article61)
@svemirac x 1 (Donated by @article61)
@mayaabb x 4 (All donated to @practicalthought)

Today, I will also be donating a further 5-STEEM and my raffle tickets for this will be going to the following steemians:

@shepz1 x 1
@nickyhavey x 1
@pennsif x 1


@canadian-coconut x 1 (donated by @averageoutsider)
@r0nd0n x 14 (Wowza!!! What a donation to @familyprotection, thanks Ron)

With all the above considered this raises the total to 3-SBD and 51-STEEM! Not bad for the first week but I still want to see more in the final 2-weeks

Here is the 1oz silver round that will be up for grabs in my 4th fundraising raffle.

monkey coin.jpg

Rules of the raffle

  • Donate to @familyprotection. Payment amounts will be listed below(Please put the words "Raffle" in your memo so I can confirm your donation)

  • Up-vote and Resteem this post (I know some folks don't like to re-steem but it really does help spread the word)

  • Leave a message in the comment section to this post stating your donation amount. If you would like to nominate your entry to somebody else please make this clear in your message too.

  • The raffle will be drawn using a discord raffle-bot in just over 3-weeks time. I will be creating one post each week to promote this raffle(3 post's in total, plus one further post to announce the winner).


2-STEEM or 1-SBD = 1 ENTRY

5-STEEM or 2.5-SBD = 3 ENTRIES




Screenshot_2018-11-24 My History with familyprotection and why I am involved — Steemit.png
Mark Whittam approached me about joining him in a Steemit initiative to offer support & awareness of the injustices done to families and children by "Child Protection Services" (CPS).

I accepted, and we came up with the account name @familyprotection
"Child Protection" Agencies are Taking Children Away from their Loving Families.

Screenshot_2018-11-24 My History with familyprotection and why I am involved — Steemit(1).png

As you can see we have a fight on our hands and @familyprotection is a crucial tool that helps expose the corruption within the CPS, aswel as directly aiding the families who are effected by it.

Please join us and if you do have the spare funds, then I would humbly ask that you join the raffle by giving a donation to @familyprotection.



Screenshot_2018-11-24 Crowdmind io.png

Screenshot_2018-11-21 SteemClub-UK list of active UK steemians 21 November 2018 — Steemit.png

Remember to come join in with @pennsif's virtual meet-up, Thursday 6th December 8pm-11pm (UK time) on discords(PAL server)

Screenshot_2018-12-01  article61.png

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Thank-you @article61 for submitting this post with the #familyprotection tag. It has been UPVOTED by @familyprotection and RESTEEMED TO OUR Community Supporters.

"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

Good going @article61 ... I've upvoted and resteemed to help spread the word about your fund raising post for @familyprotection .

I'll be entering the raffle through a donation shortly, but nominating someone else as soon as I decide who it will be :)

If you would like to nominate your entry to somebody else please make this clear in your message too


Thank you very much @averageoutsider, your support and donation is well appreciated. Just let me know when you have chosen your nominee and i'll issue you a place in the raffle :)


Check the FamilyProtection wallet for confirmation @article61 ; I nominated someone who does so much for @familyprotection as a 'thank you' and surprise to her :~)

Happy to Help.


Very kind of you to do that, thank you. I've added a raffle ticket for @canadian-coconut :)


Great...Have a nice day.

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Just donated another 15 Steem. Please add 10 more entries for @mayaabb, which should bring her total to 14 entries.


Thanks matey that's a great donation, yet again :) I'll add those entries to the pot and yes it does indeed total 14 tickets :)