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Legal Aid Lawyers in British Columbia are severely underpaid... they haven’t had a raise in years and their budgets have been cut.

It actually got to the point that they had to change their system of deciding who does and does not qualify for legal aid cover.

So what happens is Parents that have their children taken from them and have to go to court to fight for the kids back have to go for legal aid.

Only to be turned away.

There’s this weird dark spot around ten grand a year where you’ll lose your kids for being poor but you’re not poor enough to get a lawyer to help you.

Which means parents are going to Court without a lawyer, or knowledge of how the court systems work... trying to get their children back.

It’s a mountain of an uphill battle.

Now. The Lawyers of Legal Aid have voted to stop providing services until the Government raises their budgets so they can function.

The people that suffer are the same parents who can no longer afford the legal system. The kids that spend longer in the Foster Care system.

I don’t blame the lawyers though, They’re helping parents and ending up burned out... and struggling to pay their own rent.

I blame the BC government for not caring enough.

It’s the NDP in BC, Which makes it twice as disappointing as the ran on helping people in the system. They’ve recently said kids leaving foster care get free tuition for school.

How about money to keep them out of the system?

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And that sucks for all involved.

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