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in family •  5 months ago

Lord God the Father:
Today I have so many things because I thank you especially for this wonderful day, I thank you for my parents,
for my kids,
for my family,
for my brothers,
for my neighbors,
for my clients,
for my friends,
for the food you provide me every day,
for life,
for the strength you impart in my life and for all the people you cross in my ways and since everything is yours, Lord, I beg you:
May you bless my life
My parents.
My children.
My health.
My heart.
My home.
My family.
My job.
My Spiritual life.
My finances
That you bless all my projects and all my goals are aligned to your will.
May you bless my country.
My friends.
May the blood of Christ cover us with its power.
Quecel HOLY SPIRIT of God be our guide and order our steps.
Just as water falls from heaven, so the greatest Blessings in the name of Jesus of Nazareth will fall on you.

Tell me this:
"God you are my strength, my Hope, I need you guide my life and that of my Family"

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