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As I read from the article published in the journal of the Institute of Social Sciences; While the historical arrival of the brothers shows their true birth order, the locations they position themselves according to the family dynamics they face indicate the order of psychological birth. Psychological birth order; The age difference between siblings may be affected by many factors such as death of any of the siblings, disability status.


According to the personality traits of Kadir Çakır and Emine Şen, published in the journal of the Institute of Social Sciences, the first children are pampered with the undivided love, parents' inexperience and focus of interest, since they were born before their other siblings.


However, they want to protect their authorities because they lost their position when the other brother comes. They can also take on the role of an auxiliary parent. Their role as an adjunct parent assigns them features such as guidance and orientation, and they want to be appreciated for these characteristics. Apart from this, they are prone to taking responsibility and being reliable. They may be conservative, need to be justified or superior.

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