Couple, different but complementary people.

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During the courtship, couples must become aware of their dignity as individuals and that the couple should be a complement but not who directs your personality, feelings and thoughts. Some criteria that I think particularly should be taken into account will be discussed below.


  • I am a person, you are a person, we are two different people, but each one has something that makes it unmistakable, that can not be substituted or repeated. Both have the ability to think, feel, love and act autonomously, and this is something that must always be respected.

  • Despite being a couple each has its own propoitos and the way to achieve them, the couple must be left with the space to be a human being, and to support them in each project that they assume.
    Love despite being different. During the courtship it is discovered that they are different people, with criteria, tastes, character and different customs, but that they love each other and that love allows you to be willing to put your disposition to accept the good and the bad of the other person, dealing with the same love to reaffirm the virtues and help him to fight to overcome his defects.

  • Responsibility and respect to the relationship. The duties and rights of every person are present in all relationships and commitments acquired. People display this responsibility thanks to the encounter, the interpersonal communication, the influence that exerts and receives from the neighbor.

  • Personal immaturity deteriorates love and can break a relationship. In fact many marriages are broken by the personal faults of one or both spouses. What at the beginning seemed a defect "until simpatico", with the passage of time becomes unbearable. Critics, confrontations arise and in this way love is cooled.

So you should always keep in mind that the fact of being a couple leads you to add or complement the other person, so if you are willing to plunge this commitment you must always maintain a patient and flexible and comprehensive dialogue to give yourself the opportunity to you and your partner to express their point of view and affection, likewise accept the defects for the integration of two personalities that being different for love can overcome the obstacles that arise.

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